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Contact Us:
Jl. Bhakti Neusu Aceh
Banda Aceh, Aceh - Indonesia 23244
Send your buy request to get herb materials and more direction.

You may alternately pay via PayPal for your convenience. PayPal orders will be processed via email. If an item has sold out on the web store before we have processed and reserved your item via email, we will be unable to process your order, and it will be cancelled. You will not be charged.

To pay by PayPal:

Compose an email to
  • Subject:
  • PayPal Order: YOUR NAME
  • Order description:
  • URL to item(s) :
  • Item Variables :
  • Your Paypal Email Address :
  • Your Postal Address :
We will then reserve your item, calculate your total cost+shipping, and send you an invoice via PayPal for the total amount.

Please pay this invoice immediately upon receipt.

Upon receipt of payment, your order will be confirmed and processed.

Thank you


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