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Indonesia is a country that is very rich with diverse herbs or plants. As a tropical country, Indonesia has a very fertile soil, very suitable as a place of growth of a wide variety of plants, of various types, species.

Plants that thrive are not only native plants that come from the land of Indonesia, many are also a variety of plants from abroad such as: Asia, Africa or Latin America. They can enter and thrive after they were picked up and spread by the invaders (the Netherlands, UK, Japan).

This blog will present information on the various types of plants that are nutritious as traditional medicine that can cure various diseases. Nutritious plants are very useful in because of various beneficial substances that in his bladder.

Medicinal plants are natural, side effects are not as loud as the effects of drugs of modern chemistry. The human body is more receptive to the drug from natural plant material is dibandngkan with chemical drugs. The discovery of modern drugs turned out to support the use of this dewada traditional medicine, many modern medicines which is made of medicinal plants.

Indonesian nation ancestors have inherited the ability to use and mix of nutritious plants into useful drugs for health

For thousands of years Indonesian peoples has been use herbal medicine to treat various types of diseases. and while the knowledge of traditional herbal medicine has become more widespread in the world. Indonesian herbal medicine is also influenced by traditional medicine china or india thereby further enriching the knowledge about the natural treatment with herbal medicines.

Herbal synonymous with herbs that are not woody or herbaceous plant species. Herbs are one of the natural substances that are useful to enhance the immune system and treat a variety of diseases, ranging from mild illness to illness scale weight scale. In medicine, the term herb has a fairly broad sense, ie all types of plants and their parts containing several active ingredients that can be used as a drug (therapeutic). For example, forest noni (Morinda citrifolia) containing Morindin, anti-cancer active ingredients; Gotu kola (Centela asiatica) containing Asiaticoside useful for skin problems and improve IQ; Black cumin (Habbatusssauda) containing linoleic acid (omega 6) and linolenic acid (Omega 3) which can improve brain function.

Definition of herbs or herb in English is a plant or plants that have utility in the treatment or more values. Herbs are sometimes referred to as a medicinal plant, resulting in the development included as part of one form of alternative medicine.

But alternative medicine is actually better than synthetic chemical treatment, because it does not recognize the term treatment side effects. In addition, the content of active substances in herbs are not only heal and overcome the causes of disease, but also increase the durability and quality of the health of the body, and is able to repair the tissue damage that exist in our body.

Along with the increased awareness of the importance of the health of the community, as well as increased knowledge of herbal medicines, many businesses are now engaged in this field, all kinds of plants which contain active substances that are useful to the body processed into a variety of natural herbal ingredients as a means to treat a variety of kinds of diseases as well as a means to increase endurance. Even some doctors are recommending it to their patients to consume herbal medicine as a healing agent.

Finally, "It all depends on us, choosing a safe step-by-health without any side effects, or stay on track with the development of the medical world with a wide variety of synthetic chemical drugs"

This blog gives you a lot of tips and knowledge about the various types of plants that you can use as an alternative treatment in addition to chemical treatment. You can contact me if you need the material of herbal you want via email.


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