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Guarana Benefits

Guarana Benefits
Guarana is a shrub whose seeds have stimulating and energizing effects, since this plant is one that contains the largest concentration of caffeine. Native to the Amazon and used to pre-Columbian times to treat various ailments, she is known in Europe since the eighteenth century. Particularly appreciated as a drink, Guarana promotes concentration and memory and may help lose weight.

Scientific name: Paullinia Cupana
Common names: Guarana, Forest eye
English names: Guarana, Brazilian Cocoa, zoom
Botanical Classification: Family Sapindaceae
Various forms and preparations: Drinks, Capsules, Powders, Teas, Dried berries, Tablets, Ampoules

Medicinal properties of guarana
Stimulating properties due to a high caffeine content; combustion of fats; increased cell basal metabolism; General stimulant of the organization; Neurostimulant; Euphoriant; Temperature control; satiety regulator; Diuretic; Antineuralgic; Antidiarrheal; Heart tonic.


Physical and intellectual stimulant in cases of fatigue or intense activity (physical and intellectual asthenia), guarana improves endurance and increases cognitive abilities such as concentration and memory; it helps digestion in case of flatulence, facilitates weight-loss program; it helps to fight against intestinal disorders, diarrhea and hypotension.

Limit stress; reduces muscle pain ; fight against migraines; helps detoxify the blood; treats rheumatism, dyspepsia, arteriosclerosis; stimulates the immune system (analgesic, flu).

History of using Guarana herbal
These are the American Indians of the Tupi-Guarani branch who discovered it a long time ago, the properties of guarana. Its seeds were already used in herbal medicine in pre-Columbian times (more than 2000 years BC.), To fight against fatigue and control the appetite during periods of drought or long expeditions forest. In Europe, guarana is discovered in the nineteenth century, but it soon became popular and consumed the drink.

Botanical description of guarana
Guarana is a shrub now, originally, in the Brazilian Amazon. This small shrub is climbing, with alternate leaves. It looks like a vine that climbs up the other trees. The flowers are greenish and arranged in clusters. The fruit is a capsule with red membranous three boxes, each containing a black, oval seed. These fruits are harvested in September and then dried before the seeds are removed.

Guarana composition
In herbal medicine, it uses only seeds in the dried fruit. This seed resembles that of coffee.

Alkaloids, Adenine, Guaranine (Caffeine in high concentration), Hypoxanthine, Theophylline, Theobromine, Xanthine. Mucilage, Pectin, Tannins, Amino Acids, Essential fatty acids, Minerals, Trace elements, Vitamins A, E, B1, B3, PP.

Use and dosage of Guarana
Guarana consumption must be adapted by each, according to its tolerance to caffeine. To avoid overdose, it is recommended to take the prescribed minimum dose and increase gradually. In Brazil, it is common to consume daily from 4 to 8 g of powder Guarama, diluted in a glass of water or fruit juice.

- The maximum recommended dosages of caffeine are: for children: 2.5 mg per kilo, for pregnant women: 300 mg for adults: 400 to 450 mg. Guarana is an exciting it is recommended to consume before 16 hours.

- In capsules: the caffeine content can vary depending on the chosen commercial preparation. It may range from 75 to 250 mg per dose.

- Guarana provides extra strength and vitality, endurance and energy while reducing the signs of tiredness. It therefore promotes athletic performance. One to two hours before your workout, take 2 to 5 g of powdered Guarana. Be limited to two or three times a week to avoid habituation.

- Guarana acts on fatigue, body temperature and the burning of body fat. It activates fat loss and reduce appetite, while reducing fatigue. Take 1 or 2 grams of powdered Guarana daily before meals for four to six weeks.

- For a stimulant, a fight against tiredness, increase intellectual attention, reduce blood pressure or headaches, take 450 to 500 mg of powder diluted in water or fruit juice.

Some energy drinks containing guarana and contain a very high caffeine concentration. They must not be combined with other forms of caffeine.

Guarana is not recommended for pregnant or nursing women and to children. The sensitive or allergic to caffeine or Xanthines should not consume Guarana. It is not recommended for people with cardiovascular disorders, gastric ulcers, anxiety, insomnia, to hypertension, hyperthyroidism.

At recommended doses, side effects are rare. Guarana consumption may, however, result in increased blood pressure, heart palpitations or gastric irritation. Regular intake of Guarana can develop tolerance and dependence. In case of overdose, difficulty urinating, vomiting, headache, muscle cramps can occur.

Guarana is rich in caffeine, it is not appropriate to combine it with other plants or food supplements containing also. It is not recommended to consume Guarana along with Ephedra or extracts of bitter orange. It can be combined safely with Ginseng, Royal jelly, the Rhodiola, Turmeric or Spirulina.

The consumption of guarana is not recommended with aspirin-based treatment, anticoagulants, platelet inhibitors, MAO inhibitors. The effects of analgesics may be increased, while those of sedatives and painkillers will be reduced. Side effects of some drugs can be strengthened by the caffeine content. There may be interference with the treatment against diabetes. Consumption of Guarana is strongly discouraged with the following drugs: Cimetidine (Peptic ulcers), Clozapine, Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors, Antacids, Alendronate (Osteoporosis).

Doctor's opinion
Guarana has real positive effects and helps stimulate the body in general. This plant promotes concentration, is a fat burner and strengthens the immune system. It does not have the negative effects of caffeine in coffee, but remains exciting.

Caffeine is not good for your health in the long term and addictive. Guarana should be taken occasionally or cures, but not continuously or over long periods.

Guarana Research
Research has shown that guarana could stop the development of cancer cells and tumors. These experiments were conducted on rats and are still continuing. Other research has confirmed that guarana allowed to fight against drowsiness, increase attention, improve cognitive performance, help control weight gain and stimulate the central nervous system.

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