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This little known plant has miraculous effects against cancer

This little known plant has miraculous effects against cancer

Dandelion root anti cancer. The Dandelion roots plant hat scientists found to have extraordinary qualities against cancer. A recent study from the University of Windsor in Canada, dandelion roots are much more effective than chemotherapy. Explanations.

A Fantastic food
It is quite common to link between cancer and chemotherapy, or between drugs and leukemia. In addition to sometimes end badly, these serious diseases bring an atmosphere of sadness and a fragile state of mind when they are supported by medicine. What would happen if advised to drink an infusion to treat leukemia, breast tumor or prostate?

A recent study by the University of Windsor in Canada demonstrated cytotoxic effects of dandelion root extract on the three aforementioned diseases. This extract would kill up to 96% of leukemia cells myelomonocytic chonique (CSA) just 48 hours after assimilation. It is thanks to Caroline Hamm all started. Caroline is an oncologist who cared for an elderly patient with a CSA. She practiced her conventional chemotherapy without much result.

Continuing its sessions, the patient began to drink tea with dandelion roots in the waiting room, as some have coffee or read a magazine. Since that day, Dr. Hamm has noted, while unexplained, a health was improving for his patient, but also for another patient who had advised the first drink. Both patients then refused to go further with chemotherapy.

The oncologist then informed biochemist Siyaram Pandey, professor at the University of Windsor in Canada, this healing. Taking the matter seriously, it undertakes research, aided by his students.

After tests on blood cells from different patients, with freshly plucked dandelion roots in nearby meadows, the Canadian scientist said they had an important healing potential and profitable alternative to chemotherapy.

Siyaram Pandey admits: "root extract killed the cells very selectively. Healthy cells were not killed, while cancer cells yes."

Dandelion tea acts rapidly on certain cancer cells, affecting in such a way that they disintegrate within 48 hours, allowing healthy new cells to form in the body. Dandelion roots are used for thousands of years in traditional Chinese medicine. Time will tell if these natural alternatives practices are fair, at the expense of large pharmaceutical companies and Western practices.

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