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Professional wrestler wins the fight of his life

Professional wrestler wins the fight of his life

With its 6 feet tall and 600 pounds, Michael is well known in the ultra-competitive world of professional wrestling. But "Maximum Capacity", as they call their followers, are not you outside or injury or pain. Although some people argue that suffering and discomfort are part of the job, Michael knew something was wrong when multiple wounds on her legs did not heal and the pain became intolerable.

"My legs hurt, gained weight and I had trouble moving. I was aware that I needed help for my open wounds," said Michael. "For me, they were both emotional and physical wounds."

In 2002, Michael was diagnosed with multiple stasis ulcers in legs - injuries that were developed for the blood of the veins do not normally returned to the heart. During the next seven years, he visited many doctors' offices and hospitals for treatment. Unfortunately, the wounds never healed properly and reappeared.

"After the failure of many treatments, was desperate," Michael said. "Chronic pain was unbearable, my quality of life was void and the idea of suicide always had in mind. "

Finally, Michael was referred to the Center for Wound Healing at Memorial Hospital Pembroke in 2009.

"Then, I finally found some hope," said Michael. "I had exhausted all my strength, without the wonderful people of the Center for Wound Healing at Memorial do not know if I would be alive."

The Center for Wound Healing has a multidisciplinary team of physicians, surgeons, nurses and technicians with years of experience in the treatment of difficult wounds to heal. Patients benefit from individualized instruction, including education for diabetes , foot care, nutrition, help to stop smoking, exercise, skin care and prevention of future injuries.

While receiving outpatient treatment, Michael had to undergo bandages twice a week and received personalized follow-up care.

Michael said: "Fortunately, doctors, nurses and staff of the Center for Wound Healing at Memorial Hospital Pembroke "supported me and cared for me. What's more important, they knew exactly how to treat my wounds and I gave the appropriate follow-up care for me. "

After only twelve weeks, Michael wounds healed and returned to the ring, painless and ready for his next big fight.

"Maximum Capacity returned to the game, and now I smile 24 hours a day!" "People Memorial not only healed my wounds. They saved my career and my life. I feel like I won the lottery!" Said Michael.

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