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Now she works with children with cancer itself

Now she works with children with cancer itself
The old letter. Hey, I'm 7 years old and am for the first time in the hospital. Today is January 5th 1987, actually the day has not started so great. My mom morning phoned my doctor, and told her that I have a very bad disease, leukemia's. I do not know yet exactly what it is - something with the blood, I think - but it must be very dangerous, because my mom was crying so much and she went to the hospital with me. I also cried because she was so sad, and because she has said that I must stay in the hospital a long time. When we arrived here, it was not nice, because who am constantly pricked and removed a lot of blood. Even in the back they have stung! But now doeth it not hurt anymore, I'm just still so tired.

Hospital letter
My mom is already quite a long time to talk with one of the doctor and then they want to get me fries. Right now is the sister and picks me up for ultrasound. I write only fast a letter for my mom - with links is pretty hard, but at the right hand is indeed the drip - and then I have to go already.


After chemotherapy and irradiation, intensive therapy was almost time for my birthday in the summer over and after 2 -year term therapy and 5 years follow-up, I have been healthy, "sent into life as". Everything was wonderful, I have brought primary school without loss of time behind me and I'm gone over to high school. In addition to the two instruments, I have learned, I drove a lot of sports and was almost never sick.

Well, that's all now up over 20 years ago. Since then, not only my spelling has improved, but otherwise I would consider myself quite as a healthy, fun-loving young woman.

In summer 1994, then

- I was just on a language study trip back from London - I discovered a "Knubbel" in the bar. "Nothing to worry about, just a hernia!" Was the statement. That was also true, but unfortunately it was found in the hernia and a few small lymph nodes, which, as it turned out quickly, were malignant. After a short time it was clear that no new cases, but a relapse!

Oh no, all over again!

Well, that's unfortunately not quite met, because the therapy was compared for the first time, first and second, significantly more violent. But there were also improvements such as the glorious invention of the Hickman catheter, and no radiation. 
On the whole, I'm come through quite well (apart from infections, nausea, etc.) through this intense time.

So again during 2 years and 5 years follow-up therapy.

At the end of that time I was 21 years old and have it spent 14 years in the company of "Haunerianer." I can not complain because everyone was always very nice, and also from family, relatives and friends I conceivable get a lot of support. So was the hospital a bit like a second home and even today I visit there, a friend from this period.

But as it goes on in life after such a serious illness? I think I'm much more aware and, above all, I know exactly what I want for my life. So I finished high school with the Abitur, and trained as a pediatric nurse.

Now for over 5 years I have been working in the Schwabing Children's Hospital on pediatric oncology, my absolute 'desire Station ".  Many parents and patients I have since learned how much it means to them, are" alumni "who have gone through similar and become healthy, to have contact.

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