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Hemorrhoids, when it's crisis

Hemorrhoids, when it's crisis

Decongestant oily enema. Decongestant, veinotonic, hemostatic and healing, essential oils (HE) will relieve you quickly and allow you to significantly shorten crises. You can use the following formula 3 to 7 days on until alleviation of symptoms. Less effective but also less invasive, a simple cotton swab is possible for the internal application. If your hemorrhoids are external, you can use the same mixture in local anointing 2-3 times a day.

Ingredients  • Atrial pear • 20 ml of vegetable oil Calophylle inophyle or, failing that, macadamia • 2 drops of HE cistus ladanifère (Cistus ladaniferus) • 2 drops of EO evergreen cypress (Cupressus sempervirens) • 2 drops of spike lavender (Lavandula latifolia) • 2 drops of Italian Helichrysum (Helichrysum italicum).

1.  Mix vegetable oil with different essential oils into a small bowl 
2.  The at bedtime, after going to the bathroom if you are "evening" and after washing, lie down on the left side, the right leg slightly bent and raised (the opposite for lefties) 
3.  Draw as much as possible of the mixture in atrial pear and, once filled, lightly press it, pointing upwards, so as to evacuate excess air 
4.  Gently insert the bulb into the anus, relax and gently press the bulb to rub the mixture. 
5.  Use the surplus in external anointing of the anal rim with your finger or a cotton and lie Involved on the belly.

Herbal liver and veinotonic. Taking care of your liver function and metabolic waste is central to who wants to avoid recurrent hemorrhoidal problems. Indeed, excess waste in the circulatory systems connecting the intestine to the liver (portal system, inferior vena cava) promote venous dilatation and the formation of hemorrhoids. Liver tonic herbal tea plants and plants veinotonic allow faster action on symptoms.

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