Friday, December 11, 2015

LEUKEMIA; It all started so harmlessly

LEUKEMIA; It all started so harmlessly
As with our 3 1/2 year old son was diagnosed with leukemia, collapsed a world for us. It all started so innocently: Only a flu with joint pain has been suggested, then pneumonia, until finally, after much back and forth a blood test brought the devastating result. It was actually leukemia and not as hoped to the end perhaps just a viral disease. What now? The completion of our own home and the move was imminent, but everything was just incidental. Matters over which one crushed his head or had excitedly, were now almost ridiculous. Just totally unimportant - all that mattered was our little one.

We were only in a deep hole, one wonders: "why our child," just could not cry - but always tried before the little ones to keep a good face and joyful courage?. If only it were that simple. In this difficult beginning, it helped us a lot not to be alone. My husband and I were the first time ever together on his bed - it was now the single most important thing we could do for him. He just needed our closeness in this unfamiliar environment and with so many new faces.

Later, when the whole thing had recorded something and we took turns with the care. Also from our families we had strong backing so that everything at home continued to run at least somewhat normal, which is in view of the fact that my husband is self-employed and an operation with 2 employees leads, not so simple. But by joining forces succeeded in everything. Even the parade with all the trimmings, so that our son, when he first had the honor to go home could, in the new home, to which he was so pleased, move.

Clown At this point I would like to mention that the part of the station everything is tried, one as much as possible to help. Doctors and nurses and the social workers are available at any time for an interview made available, which is also very important in the beginning, because everything is unknown and new and you handle the situation simply can not handle. For the kids - and not least for himself - creates an informal atmosphere: Everybody knows everybody, knows about its being communication, you can exchange opinions, the kids play with each other, etc.

Meanwhile, we have the second of three blocks placed chemotherapy almost behind us and are in good spirits. How bad was the beginning also, how bad it also fared, it will come back better days. There is only one way: the Forward! One must learn to live only from day to day, plan ahead not great. It would be already on the smallest progress. Every success is a step forward - toward healing.

However, one must not be tempted to make comparisons with others. Every child is unique, as his treatment and ultimately the chances of recovery!

Still fall to drink me this one a few lines:

Never ask why and how,
an answer can not give you.

Today still happy and glad,
tomorrow so meaningless life.

But one thing that was said to you:
never lose courage.

And you're still so despondent,
in the end everything is still good.

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