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A Cyclist back quickly to ride a bike after spinal surgery

A Cyclist back quickly to ride a bike after spinal surgery
John, cyclist and passionate photographer, was accustomed to intense physical activity, twists, weightlifting and aches and pains that are associated with this. Then, in February 2009 when he began to feel a very sharp pain in his legs and buttocks, it was easy to assume that it was a torn muscle. But in later days as the pain intensified, John went to the emergency room of a local hospital. Doctors there diagnosed that he had probably suffered a muscle strain and after day improve with rest.

"The pain was unbearable to the point that woke me in the middle of the night," says John. "But I am a person with a high pain tolerance and never go to the doctor. He became intolerable and on a scale of one to 10, where 10 is the worst pain imaginable, mine was nine."

At that time John finally went to the emergency room of Memorial Hospital Miramar.

"When I got to the emergency room of Memorial Hospital Miramar, could barely walk and needed a wheelchair," says John. "I was taking pain medication to get through the day. I went to Memorial for their expertise and their experience." 

Doctors at the emergency room of Memorial Hospital Miramar ordered an MRI. The results confirmed a herniated disk in the spine of John and was referred to Memorial Neuroscience Center and Greg Zorman, MD, Chief of Neurosurgery at Memorial Healthcare System. Located in the Memorial Regional Hospital and the Memorial West Hospital , the Memorial Neuroscience Center in South Florida specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of injuries and neurological disorders in adults and children.

Trusting Experience
During his first visit to Dr. Zorman, John learned that the herniated disc was compressing the nerve root, which was causing sciatica. He would have to undergo surgery.

Surgery "As said" "I felt so much pain that I said" we "!" says John. "It could have gone anywhere but chose the Memorial. If someone was going to operate the column, wanted to be a doctor who had done a thousand times. Not to mention that Dr. Zorman provides a calm and soothing treatment. I knew I was in safe hands".

John underwent a Laminotomy , requiring only a small incision in the back to remove the herniated portion of the disc and leave intact muscle. 

"For cases like that of John that are severe enough to require surgery, there are thankfully new surgical techniques that offer fewer complications, reduced postoperative pain and have a shorter recovery period," said Dr. Zorman. "My goal was not only to repair his herniated disc and pain relief but also restore the ability to walk again on his bicycle as if nothing had happened."

The day after surgery, John was standing, walking without pain. He only spent one night in the hospital and was discharged.

"After surgery, it was like they had turned off the pain," says John. "I walked the hospital the next day feeling the sun and I realized I had lost a month of my life for my injury, but I was very grateful because Dr. Zorman and equipment of Memorial had given me back my back ".

Over the next month, John went several times a week at Memorial West Hospital for therapy rehabilitation . After two weeks, John returned to work.

"I have not taken even a pain pill since I was discharged in the hospital," says John. "Three months later, I had recovered completely and I returned to cycling. Most importantly, do not feel pain and I'm enjoying my life again."

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