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Chronic Myeloid Leukemia

Chronic Myeloid Leukemia
Hi, I'm Mark, ill 19 years old and last year in July to chronic myeloid leukemia. It was a beautiful summer day on 2 July last year: I went to a performance course for referees after my vocational school (this is my big hobby). We had to walk in 12 minutes 3000 meters and a few 100-meter sprints make -Usually no problem for me - just on this day there was blew me away and I was totally blacked out.

My teachers have the same call the paramedics, who then took me into Fürth Klinikum. A blood sample was taken from me there. After that I wanted to go at your own risk again, but since then the blood test results were already there and walking had done himself. I was taken from Fürth Klinikum Nuremberg to Nord-Klinikum Station 12 KMT. There I was first overnight. In the morning, 3 doctors came to my room and told me that I have chronic myeloid leukemia: I thought, oh God, that can not be true, I'm only 18 and have your whole life ahead of me and I was always in top shape ', but all that mattered not at this moment. After 4 days of hospital stay, I was discharged and I had to take medication, so that my white blood cell count decreased again. In the one month after the diagnosis I had my friends and my family a great help, this time to cope emotionally. Well, in early October then it started: 6 Full exposures, each 2 in one day in the university clinic in Erlangen, then I was to Nuremberg back into North Hospital, Building 12 KMT station, relocated.

Because the chemotherapy began. In the first infusion, I have not noticed anything, until after the second was amiss. Periodically I also received blood transfusions until 15 November, - that was the day I got my new blood stem cells from an unrelated donor, to whom I owe my life. The bone marrow slowly but surely grew, and I was discharged from hospital just before Christmas, so this was also my biggest Christmas present. Of course I could not charge my body really, and I was allowed to go to no greater human gatherings (without mouthguard). But this time has been put back, and I got my life back almost under control. Only my apprenticeship as a car mechanic, I had to give up, so I'm actually looking for a new job, but otherwise I'm fine.

You always have to feel like the plane: Even after the start you have to join in turmoil, if you again want to land safely. And what's in a man of strength and life energy is incredible. It can really everyone who is affected, also contribute even a small part in his healing. And that should be worth one's health.

Markus, 19 Years

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