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Touching, Teresa's letters

Letter 1 Hello everyone butterflies and of course all kindergarten teachers! 
My mom and I, Teresa write you a letter and you can read it in kindergarten. First, thanks for your great pictures and gifts that I have received from you. Here's a picture of me in the hospital in Munich. There I had to stay very long before Christmas. One must also wash at the hospital and that I am doing, with washcloth and water in the bowl next to me. Can you see? Back to the wall, I glued all the letters and cards I received, and I can always look at you. Also Eure. But now I'm at home with my siblings and mom and dad. Here I play quite often and everything is as always. Just a few pills I have to take. Wednesdays I take a taxi to the hospital in Munich. When you go to kindergarten I drive off in the afternoon and when you go home, I'm going back home. At the hospital I get chemo every male. Who's that, you ask? The write and I paint the next time.
Many greetings

Letter2 Dear butterflies and all who read my letter!
I hope you liked my last letter? Today I'll tell you who the chemo males and what they do. When I that first time was examined in the autumn the doctors found a thick dumpling in my belly. This consists entirely of small evil cancer cells. The look something like this:

The dumpling had to get away, so I had surgery. As you sleep very long and Operierer (surgeon) cut the belly on, remove the dumplings and then sew again. That does not hurt, because one sleeps and my big belly is again small and very normal, like all other children. At first I was on my stomach a huge patch, but now we see only a small stroke.

Letter 3 small crumbs with cancer cells are still in my belly. 
These are so small that they can not see. Because even my doctors they can not see all they need help from little men. That is the so-called chemo males. The help with my body to fight that tiny cancer cells so I'm soon back to full health. The chemo males live in a small syringe in hospital.

Every Wednesday, when I go to the hospital by taxi, then I get a syringe with many small chemo males who want to help everyone. They flit immediately get out of the syringe and look for the evil cancer cells in my stomach. Because they have a lot of hunger, they eat at all, they can find. Search for and eat all day. They make almost no break and if you can not eat more because they are so sick then they disappear. No one knows where, they just fly away. If you feel like, then paint a few times but chemo males for me! It is important that you painted them to eyeglasses, because if you are looking for long they no longer look so good. But I'll tell you in my next letter.
Can I write you a letter again?

Letter 4
My chemo males have stayed several times very wild and because you have lost their eyeglasses. You've eaten since my hair cells, which is why my hair is all gone. I've done them all in a box and I'm keeping it.

But if I get any more chemo males by the doctor, then many small hairs grow back and in the fall when the new kindergarten year terms, then my hair is a little long again. Without hair, it is very cold in winter at the head, so I have quite a lot of hats. Always I should ish, but it's like the slippers, you should always wear them, but somehow it is not always. Want to see my hats times ???
I wish you much fun snow play.
See you soon Eure Teresa

Letter 5 Love Theresa!
Thank you for the letters you sent us. You probably already waiting for a response from us -stimmt's?
Through the funny pictures that your mama has painted as well have your illness much better understood. We have read your letters very attentive and the story of the chemo males pursuing with great interest. Now we know what's happening in your belly. We are especially pleased about the fact that you're doing much better and you're at home with your family. We have also managed to paint you some chemo males. Your caps we admired - the gaze of yes really funny. As a princess you please us particularly well. You probably want to also know what is going on with us. Felix was four weeks in South Africa on holiday he wrote us a map that we give you. Felix has brought a precious stone for each child he has picked out for you, too - Drop in the bag. Last week the photographer was with us in kindergarten. He has photographed all of us and made our group photo. He chose very funny names for all children. At Leonie he Pippi Longstocking said. Sebastian was the little professor. So has the photograph a lot of fun. If we get it, then we will send you one. We still walk to our tree and observe what is changing. Meanwhile, he has no more leaves, is also clear it's winter!

Letter 6We were in a small forest next to the kindergarten and have us looking around what you can discover everything there. We have a Burrow found are balancing on logs and have many thick branches brought to play in the kindergarten. Because that has so much to us, we have invited us into the group a forester. He told us about his work in the woods a lot. Together we went into the woods and have since spent a day We have built a large nest and made it a snack. Then we explored the forest. We have learned that the Eichenbaum we always visit about 90 years old is that there are beetles make the trees broken and what a tree needs everything so that he can grow well.

So love Theresa, we wish you that you're on bravely and continue the chemo males are very hard so you will soon be completely healthy and visit us maybe can in kindergarten. And what is with us still going on in the nursery you will learn in our next letter. About mail from you, we always look forward. See you soon your butterflies!

Letter 7 Hello dear butterflies and kindergarten teachers!
Have you already had time to paint Chemo males? My chemo male running again this week very quickly to eat all the evil cancer cells. They run, jump and romp, as in kindergarten, when everyone is out on the playground. They run so quickly back and forth to the small cancer cells to find that they collide or fall sometimes.

Sometimes you notice it is the spectacle of the nose and they see nothing. In my belly, it is also not very bright, or if we have children lamps in the belly ???? So it sometimes happens that they do not only eat together, the evil cancer cells, but also times, inadvertently, catch other good cells.
There are lots of different cells in my and in your cell What could be that?
Belly: blood cells, hair cells, stomach cells, body cells .

Letter 8 Hello dear butterflies
I now have chemo break. That's why I on Thursday, when with you is time to carnival visit you. But I still have to take care of my little man, that they are not sick because they can not seek yes and fight. So I can not get a cold or cough or chicken pox or flu, because there are you then also very poor.

So I and the chemotherapeutic males will not get sick, I always have when I go out of the house put on a surgical mask. The is with Mickey Mouse. Many small viruses that make you sick to fly around in the air when I breathe, I can get cold, cough or something. Even my chemo males then have colds and can no longer work and that is not so good because it then takes longer until I am completely healthy.

So that they can fight long, I have to drink a lot and eat a lot of healthy stuff, so they are strong. The tablets help with, so that all evil will be eaten in my stomach. And the most important thing is that I have a lot of fun, because if it Gehr me well are my chemo males also good. I'm looking forward very much to our Carnival in kindergarten.

*Real letter was sent in german.

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