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My cancer story

My cancer story
Hi my name is Jörg Erik Conrad. End of May 2010 I had an appointment with the ENT physician. For several weeks, I had a sore throat and had strong night sweating.

The doctor looked me in the neck and said only "oha .. that does not look good" and got me an appointment for the next day in the ENT clinic in Marienkrankenhaus in Hamburg. A very quick diagnosis revealed a large ulcer on the tongue base and had to undergo surgery as soon as possible. This has pretty much been sitting. Probably most patients diagnosed are so shocked as I was. That same night I drove a motorbike to Zollenspieker and spent some time on a bench. I came to the conclusion that was not the end for me. For the next day I was planning the hardest step in the whole thing. I had to tell my kids (17 and 25). That really was the worst for me in my entire life.

At the hospital, a few studies have been done to me still, the cancer had spread, so cut off and irradiation.

During the OP several lymph nodes, the ulcer on the tongue base and a part of the epiglottis me were removed. After the operation I had incredible pain with every breath and every swallow. I was also scared that I did not get a sound to speak out, I did not know if I can ever speak again. Want to cry out in pain and get no sound out, was terrible. 2 days after the surgery, the oxygen content in my blood fell sharply. X-rays showed large spots on my lungs. In order to determine this accurately, I had to endure me a Bronchialskopie. Suffocating pain and the feeling - but it could not find any tumors in the lungs are detected. Then it went on the run (in bed with me) on the ICU. Apparatus, hoses and good people were waiting for me there. I had a pulmonary embolism. On the way to the ICU, I had a very clear idea: We can do it.

I had the great fortune to have a pulmonary embolism. ???? Happiness ??? Yes. Happiness. During this time, me a book has fallen into the hands that my mind and my dealing with my cancer completely changed.

Within 2 days I was reading 'Chemotherapy cures cancer and the earth is flat' Lothar Hirneise. Then I realized, I will not be irradiated. Irradiated tissue is destroyed forever and can never again regenerate properly. After my present knowledge I would not even let me operate. After a week of intensive I came back to the normal station. I could not always speak as I had a stoma in my windpipe. Without this part of the blood from the wound had run into my lungs. All communication functioned in writing. Eventually a valve was inserted into the stoma and I could speak again. What a feeling, if you do not all the time know whether and when to bring out a sound again.

Eventually, I was also nourished no longer hoses. The food was then largely made mashed potatoes. Very bad. Mash consists of fast carbohydrates and these feed existing cancer cells again. I began to protein / linseed to eat for breakfast. I climbed inside kuzer time in my diet to the oil-protein diet according to Dr. Budwig around.

I had several times as heavy bleeding in the throat that I had in the operating room again. Because of pulmonary embolism there were blood thinners, a sequence were just frequent bleeding. All the time in the hospital I was constantly advised by the doctors. to let irradiate me. The pressure was very high. I wonder today, that I could withstand.

After a few weeks I was discharged. Twice I had to in the coming weeks due to heavy bleeding to the hospital. The hospital is good, doctors and nurses as well. I have since felt very well cared for. Unfortunately, conventional medicine knows only surgical, chemo and radiation. I wish that more attention is paid to healing, not only on treating symptoms.

The time in the hospital was very hard. That is hardly possible to describe. Firstly, my own problems, but also the concerns of my family and friends were not to be underestimated. My father took 79 years within a short time from 10 KG.

Back home I changed my diet completely. Next, I had to I proceed to get my life in Ordnug. According to the book of Hirneise I graduated with my cancer a contract that I wanted to solve my problems within 3 months. I did not make it in time, so I extended my contract cancer.

Current status: I am divorced, have a new partner, have shortened my work schedule, and to keep me right. I'm fine, met cancer Treaty.

I was asked why I am opposed to conventional medicine, but the hospital praise. That's easy to explain. With conventional medicine no cancer is cured (my! Opinion). Since the operation I have some problems: some muscles in the neck and shoulders no longer function correctly, many foods, such as Apples, sauerkraut, spaghetti, crumbly biscuits I can not eat because of the consistency.

Since I could the constant recommendations to let me irradiate resist, but I did not have to bear the consequences. The effects of radiation, which would been given me forever damaged tissue in the neck, lower head area, upper chest area, destroyed the main salivary gland. This would result, for example, that I had no more saliva, which leads back to the fact that caries and periodontosis would be a real problem. Tooth loss. The lower jaw would have been no longer sufficiently supplied with blood. Everything is not very desirable. The informed consent discussion in the hospital St.Georg the doctor said more to me that we all do not live forever. Thank you. Today, 5 years after the surgery, I'm cured for conventional medicine.

I am happily married again. 
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