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Best wishes, Carola

Best wishes, Carola
Hello! ;) So, now I would me and my "cancer history" also like to introduce, My name is Carola, am now 26 years old and I'm from near Hannover. With me on Feb this year, a colon tumor was removed.

I had constant abdominal pain, diarrhea, was constantly tired and exhausted (which the Chamber of the anemia as it turned out) and have damn lot of weight in a very short time. About slimming I am only pleased and thought it would be lucky ... must say that I have brought my son to the world a year ago and had gained a few kilos during pregnancy. : - \

In Sept 2008 was when the diarrhea a lot of blood here ... then I went to the KH and got a colonoscopy. Too bad they have mirrored only half the intestines: - [Except the anemia they could not find anything and sent me home with the Council a large colonoscopy for 100% evaluation yet to let go, but it would not be so urgent, it is determined only ne burst artery or so. And anemia in young women could ever Occurrence could it be that that would be the birth of (the birth was in May !!!) As a colonoscopy is not as comfortable and the doctors me so well calms have, I pushed it in front of me. The complaints, however, remained.

Earlier this year, was taken from me by the family doctor blood and it turned out that the anemia has become much worse and the Doc told me to leave now make the colonoscopy. Then I also: I wanted no anesthesia I could pursue the reflection on the monitor and see the "Monster" with my own eyes! (of course, I knew at the time not know what that is) Samples were taken, I got a referral to CT and the doctor said he wanted to wait for the test results and the findings from CT. A few days later was both before and I had the appointment to discuss: ". Yes, it is, unfortunately, a colon" ... these are the words that I will never forget! Just as his eyes when he opened the door to me, because I knew it actually already. A week later, then was the OP. Histo: pT3b, N0 (0/42), M0, V0, L0, stage 2A, R0. The tumor was almost 10cm tall!

I have only come to all adjuvant chemotherapy. I had the papers to sign before you leave home. At the last moment I was informed but from human genetics, there were studies that say, in my case, this therapy would give me more harm than help. (Also in the cancer forum me was the way by one person - I think you were Birgit () - strongly discouraged) reasons for this are high microsatellite instability in tumor tissue and HNPCC. (By the way is not localized) In my family also had incidentally nobody cancer - except my grandfather, who was a heavy smoker and bladder cancer hatte- therefore are initially all assumed it is not hereditary. Where only one of the two things would have been enough to discourage. I should get 5 FU and oxaliplatin.

I now get no treatment and must only close-knit after-care. I'm doing well under the circumstances, I think. Physically, I am recovering very well, mentally that is sometimes so ne thing. My son gives me a lot of strength and at the same time I'm afraid to have it passed him that I get it back, and so on. I have submitted an application for rehabilitation and wait now that he approved.

Of the doctors I am broadly a little disappointed, I must say. You do not know something about the subject and some are apparently not prepared to deal with it. Real sad. So far I have passed my follow-up appointments into their own way. I would have liked that accepts a doctor's office for me conscientiously. But if you do not take care of himself and always nachhakt ... well. I have now the 3rd oncologists and would not hesitate to also use this switch back, if he is not me uneasy.

My recent follow-up measures (gastroscopy, MRI of the abdomen, blood collection, Gyn.- investigation) were THANK GOD in order! Today I go to the dermatologist and let there make a cancer screening and next week is again an appointment with the oncologist. He probably wants to have a scan, bled he had last week.

I would love to let me times from top to bottom by check ... well eg the brain. But I was told that it was soooo rare that would not be necessary. How do you see that? Another question also haunts me: why is it not possible that the cancer already strikes my child? If he has this gene defect also ... that's really impossible? :?] Oh, that has become pretty long so now. Thanks für's reading.

I wish you all a great week!
Best wishes, Carola

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