Monday, September 7, 2015

Two Stories About the Desease

In 2005, Dona Carmen Soto Martinez was diagnosed with lymphoma. It all started with a groin discomfort, which was a mass of considerable size. Although initially they thought it was a hernia, abdominal and pelvic CT confirmed that while Dona Carmen had a hernia, "something was choking." During operation of rigor, they perform a biopsy tissue and make the diagnosis. Once referred to the oncologist, Dr. Luis Baez, chemotherapy is initiated.

As said Ileana Soto Velez, a daughter of Dona Carmen, though the process was strong, her mother was always positive and never thought he would die from this cancer. In fact, there were times when you thought that Dona Carmen would not pass the ordeal. Still, in 2006 she was cancer-free.

Five years later, in 2011, PET Scan showed that Dona Carmen had tumors again. This time the doctor preferred not to enter it room. The attitude of Dona Carmen was also different: his spirits fell a lot and did not want to give chemotherapies. However, with the support of his family and Dr. Baez, Dona Carmen agreed to undergo another course of chemotherapy. On this occasion and his family knew more about the disease and how to predict the side effects of treatment using home remedies and complementary medicine. In May 2014, Dona Carmen ended their dose of preventive chemotherapy and continues to care for their children ten children, sisters, sons and grandchildren.

The daughter recognizes that it is a hard road to travel, but with God's help, doctors and people around them, patients can have a better quality of life.

"This disease brought us closer as a family. Not until it's your turn to know what cancer is, the values ​​and sacrifices of the patient and the caregiver. So we are true believers in the American Cancer Society and actively participate in their activities. "

"The most important thing is perseverance, not depressed: the patient has a lot of support; prayer, faith and hope, "she concluded by saying.

José Ramos. 44 years old, Jose Ramos is not the typical patient with colon cancer. In fact, it was so unusual that the way his illness was discovered requiring acute observation of a dermatologist.

An injury on the right side of his face was the first sign, one begin not pay much attention until he began to see their clothes stained with blood. So it was that the December 20, 2012 went to the dermatologist who took the wart, a sebaceous adenoma, and sent him to biopsy.

He recalled that in 2007, at 38 years old, had already taken a similar, but did not follow up. These sebaceous adenomas are associated with Muir Torre syndrome, which is showing signs of that in the future, the patient may develop intestinal cancer.

At that time it was referred to a urologist and a gastroenterologist. It was first performed gastroenterologist and when colonoscopy in February 2013 found an ulcerative lesion in the ascending colon. Samples of tissues which were performed reflected cancer biopsies.

His condition required surgery, whereby, on April 8, 2013, they removed the right side of the colon. Subsequent tests were reflected favorable and did not need chemotherapy or radiotherapy as adjuvant treatment. Although subsequent tests found that has an injury in the liver, this is very small even to perform a biopsy, so keep under observation. On November 5, 2014, Joseph practiced again and asked colonoscopy referrals for pelvic CT Scan performed for monitoring liver injury.

Jose Soto is married to Glenda and get son Yedrec, 9; and Yedmariel, 6. As the Walmart store manager Manatee made of the causes of the American Cancer Society an issue that touches every one of his personal and professional aspects. And, although the diagnosis made him understand the vulnerability of life, he has also given him the opportunity to help others through the American Cancer Society. "Prevention is important, but if they become diagnosed attitude is so because the diagnosis changes your life completely," he concluded saying Joseph, who was the godfather of lar marches 2014 Relay for Life in Manati.

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