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The Scars of Life, a story of a hero who beat cancer

The Scars of Life, a story of a hero who beat cancer
This story come from a person named Edwin Antonio Gutierrez, who after his fight with cancer and thanks to your generosity, wants to share her story so that anyone who is going through this battle feel the breath of someone who beat him. These stories are necessary to inject hope that cure cancer, cancer EXPIRES, the scars of life are left to remind us what we had and what we won. This story, written by himself, is a breath of life, "University, work, parties and football this is how I can sum up my life before I knew I had a tumor. How I realized? On a bad rap I was that I decided to become analysis. 

From the day I was diagnosed with cancer fell into depression for a few days, fortunately my family and friends made me understand that my short 20 years still had a whole life ahead. I was removed the tumor and I proceeded to start treatment to attack the cancer. The treatment (chemotherapy) is something that only those who have lived can really understand, it's pretty painful and difficult to live, nausea, vomiting, weakness, headache, stomach and body, adema physical changes nothing nice (fall of hair, eyebrows, eyelashes, etc.). 

After four beat cancer chemotherapies achieved on September 5, 2012, but a new tumor was detected in my body so I had to go back to the operating room 22 cm wound but it was worth because the tumor was removed at 100%, absurdly I thought it was the end of treatment, but it was not, the cancer return. Two other chemotherapies and further studies to check that both had given cancer, they seemed eternal day awaiting the outcome of these studies, along disease tried to take refuge in positive phrases, sayings, verses, and comments that friends and family to strangers it made me come through social networks, but even things that happened at the time made me want to stop fighting, the death of my dear grandfather for example. 

But upon reflection I decided to continue as my grandfather had was very proud of me keep fighting and even more to see me win this war, although he had lost because there are defeats that have more dignity than many victories. Then came the day of the results, March 15, 2013, the time to know if I had done it again or had to continue with chemotherapy. The nerves seized me but thank God again the result was positive, returned to beat cancer. It was quite an ordeal but also a great surpassed experience, probably would not return to face something of this magnitude the rest of my life, but I leave many teachings and admiration of people throughout my struggle were supporting me and showing me his affection. 

I learned that the key to success is the attitude with which you face problems. With effort and dedication that nothing is impossible. If the road is hard going in the right direction. CANCER IS AN HARD ENEMY, BUT IS NOT IMPOSSIBLE TO WIN! My advice to people who are battling cancer or who have a family member or loved one battling this terrible disease is that regardless of the religion to which they belong, encomiéndense their God, lean on their loved ones, make an effort to keep your mind always positive and never stop fighting because life is worth living despite all the difficulties. "Edwin Thank you for sharing your teaching and your victory. From experience I say that read positive things and keep an open mind make us more receptive to treatment. And if you want to share your story for publication on the blog, send an email to A few words long.

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