Sunday, September 6, 2015

Little girl with neuroblastoma celebrated birthdays

Little girl with neuroblastoma celebrated birthdays and 'wedding'
(Photo: Facebook / Ryan Schow)
The weekend was broadcast on Facebook a touching story that was the center of an American girl who struggle daily against a cancer that already terminally ill. Thanks to the efforts of their parents, little Lila Schow could celebrate with several friends his fifth birthday party themes Cinderella motif. The event was held on July 31 in Oregon and went better than expected thanks to the selfless support of the entire community.

Besides the birthday, Lila also 'graduated' and 'married' in a symbolic way with one of her friends. Besides the family of small, in the planning and implementation of the party also they participated neighbors, friends and even the medical staff treating the child's disease.

When she was two, Lila was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a form of childhood cancer in which malignant cells form in nerve tissue.

Little girl with neuroblastoma celebrated birthdays and 'wedding'
(Photo: Facebook / Ryan Schow)
Ryan Schow, Lila's father, told ABC News that his daughter has been subjected to aggressive medical treatment and has even been operated on nine occasions.

He confessed, moreover, encouraged to celebrate Lila's birthday when doctors told her that nothing could be done to cure the disease. "She told me that she liked all the princesses, and was surprised when she said she was happy when she saw me mourn. Father and daughter did a dance and I could not contain myself, "said Ryan Schow excitedly.

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