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Life decisions, when the disease gets us to the limit

Life decisions, when the disease gets us to the limit
It was inevitable that the time he had to take a decision covering for all my life in a dramatic way was to get from one point to another. And when that came, in what I consider touched me make the hardest decision of my life. Last Friday I traveled to Buenos Aires, the institute Flemming to inquire about the operating possibilities for my case. I am currently engaged with the jaw to the bone and a tumor mass that occupies my whole mouth and just let me speak and forces me to feed me gastroctomía. That's what show both CT and PET. While my mother had traveled with all my studies a month ago, Dr. Roque Adan, who first treated me, requested me personally. With a flawless treatment both human and technical me was made operative proposal: remove the tumor involves removing the jaw, rebuild, remove language, build a small slide for which I would feed through liquefied without feeling any taste, stay silent and extirpate the tongue and breathing for tracheostomy forever. 

The doctor explained to me that now is operable, if there is some kind of increase in tumor surgical option is lost. His willingness to answer all of my questions was outstanding, I would stress that went with a series of questions written in a notebook, did not want in the maelstrom of the moment I forgot to ask. I also went to the accompanied consultation with my mother and my cousin, I highly recommend it because in such times it is important to have several ears and eyes to keep details of what is going reporting that is very delicate and we are told in a context of tension and anxiety that can make us lose details.

In any case, I have decided that my 27 years mutilatoria undergo such surgery and condemn me to a life of dumbness is not what I do. I will seek other alternatives. which is not, no where, no how. But I will not operate. I deeply believe that traditional medicine and its methods do not exhaust nor have the definitive solutions for the healing possibilities of this disease and the surgical option offered me is totally impractical for me, for my lifestyle, for what I want for my future.

My family supports me. My mother supported the decision I made and now we set campaign other inquiries regarding treatments and seek healing in other sides. And in this respect it is very important to note that while I have the luck to have an environment that supports me faithfully in all, it is essential that in these cases than the patient who takes freely the treatment decision seems right FOLLOW. Nobody knows better than one if he really believes that the option offered is the most appropriate. We must understand that doctors offer us options, treatments, knowledge, but healing is an integral process that should be also self regulating. Maybe some people do not understand, but healing is a holistic process and make a mistake in the healing process can be fatal and can get sick again.

I feel strong, I feel supported and feel for the first time having made this decision, I'm saving your life. I will heal, that's my goal and that of my environment and that is what guarantees me healing. We have now sent my case to consult with Cuba, Brazil and Spain. As part of my personal process, I am at home, on medical leave, focused on my only goal right now is to heal. I still have one last chemotherapy next week.

I have been internalizing some theories called German New Medicine talking about the disease as a comprehensive psychobiological process that I think is very important work. I will return to therapy from a radically different approach. I realized I was mad at me, with the disease, with life. Well that no more. No anger, the process now is completely different, is focused on healing, on the origin and solution of the problem and the knowledge of healing.

Obviously I will continue with my careful diet and I consider part of my healing process. In a future post I will add some of the natural preparations that I drink and I trust to help me heal, but that is another matter. I leave a greeting. And a step closer to being completely healthy.
By; Olga

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