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Lara's story: Breast cancer metastasis

Lara's story: Breast cancer metastasis
Today I received a new full testimony of love and hope that I can inspire many sufferers. I leave you with the words of Lara in first person. Hello I am Lara, 34 years old. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in advanced stage IV with multiple lymph node metastases, lung, brain and bony. The prognosis was only 6 months of life. A death at an age when she should dream enjoy life instead of turning my luggage in cold hospital pajamas. That was when I first looked inside myself and found a precious being who had fallen ill not feel the love of self. I loaded my luggage with great strength, courage, faith, and hope, but also with great fear not I know where that path would lead.

Today I am still struggling to live with passion and courage of those who know that life is ephemeral. Every day I look inside myself and every new day discover my true beauty: the unconditional love of life

Today, three years after that terrible diagnosis, all metastases have disappeared, only some bone level persist. I make a completely normal life, even going to college!!! and mindful eating, sport and emotional peace are the pillars on which rests my existence. And although doctors say there is no cure for me, it's your opinion, but that does not mean it is correct. I feel that I will fully heal because only management control of my life.

Reader, to you, who are going through a healing process, never give up, not even when you do not see out. Fight for your life, read, research, changing your diet, move. Be part of your healing and especially do not let any health care professional decide on you regardless of your opinion.

Note: Lara has completed chemotherapy, combined with changes in diet, lifestyle and emotional control techniques. Lara is treating what might be considered Integrative Oncology.

When she was diagnosed with cancer this was already terminally ill so she was given palliative chemotherapy (7 months). The third cycle of chemotherapy he was made a pet tac and surprise of her doctors almost all metastases were gone, so they decided to operate the breast. At first it had ruled out the operation because there were many metastases (lung, lymph system and 10 tumors in the spine and 7 in the pelvis and hips). The primary tumor, breast tumor was huge, average 9 cm and when I had surgery there was no trace of the tumor, so that the intervention retained the breast, just cleaned the area. Then she was given hormone treatment but at 6 months were three brain tumors that left unable to speak, walk and coordinate well. Her life was like a baby. The September 12, 2013 had surgery three tumors with a probability of 90 percent relapse.

It's been 15 months since the intervention of brain tumors and there is complete remission and has recovered to 100 100 motor and cognitive functions. After the speech, I was prescribed chemotherapy pills (lapatinib and Xeloda) but a month and a half month and a half estuvo1 take them admitted to the ICU in critical condition due to renal failure, hypovolemic shock and sepsis caused by the chemo. Since then he refused to apply more chemo.

Currently cancer is down to bone level except where there are signs of activity. Quite an achievement, since my cancer is HER2 positive, one of the most aggressive breast. Now Lara is trying to further improve the supply and addressing the disease in a holistic way forward to try and heal bone metastases cancer. We wish you well and hope to receive soon Lara news. BLESS YOU!

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