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In Memoriam - The brave little girl, "makeup" to her cancer

In Memoriam - The brave little girl, "makeup" to her cancer
Talia Castilian became a star of social networks: You Tube rose to dozens of video tutorials which taught makeup. After a long battle, she died at age 13 and left a strong message: enjoy life and the time we have. The Castilian Talia is a story of great courage and strength. In 2007, at age seven, and her life expectancy is drastically reduced. At that time, she became a star of social networks: You Tube rose to dozens of video tutorials where, with a big smile, taught how to put on makeup. She died on July 16, 2013, a month turned 14 and left one message: do not lose sight of the importance of enjoying life and the time we have.

She was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a rare childhood cancer. After various treatments and therapies, doctors believed he had managed to overcome it, but to fall back on two occasions; the last time, he was also detected in pre-leukemia bone marrow, and there are no treatments that address both types of cancer simultaneously.

In her blog, she published a brief autobiography presentation saying: "For those who do not know me, what can I say? I am a 13 year old girl full of amazing ideas and energy. I love my family, my friends and my dog, Bella. I am an aspiring makeup artist and published most of my tutorials on YouTube. I was battling cancer for six years, but do not let that define who I really am inside. However, I'm bald from chemotherapy, I was told that being bald is beautiful, and even one day could create a style around. Well, now that's all I can think. "

The girl, makeup fanatic, began recording videos and post them on YouTube. That means she told that she had been diagnosed with leukemia and did not know whether to continue treatment or live freely the time she had left. "Everyone asks me if I'm scared. Sure I'm scared! "She lamented as the blog Women publishes the daily El Pais. She also published dozens of video tutorials which teach how makeup and amassed thousands of followers (today, the account over a million subscriptions).

The impact generated in US history took Talia to appear, for example, in September 2012, on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where they announced that they would become honorary brand image of CoverGirl cosmetics. Later, she starred signature ads with the slogan "Makeup is my wig," that is, "Makeup is my wig."

The girl died on July 16, 2013 at the Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children in Orlando, Florida, a month after her 14th birthday, after spending the last weeks hospitalized. Fans and celebrities in Twitter expressed as Ellen DeGeneres, who wrote in her account: "This year I met someone very special, and now we've lost. My heart goes out to the family of Talia. I am very sad".

The US cosmetics brand Covergirl posted a message on her Facebook that day: "In memory of our Honorary Covergirl has both inspired us and who once said 'Makeup is my wig', we celebrate you today. Thank you for showing what it really means the beauty and strength. Thanks for inspiring millions with your personality and talent. You have changed us forever and we are grateful to have been part of your life. "

An order in her honor
Young fans wanted to pay homage and try to "comply" with her last wishes, which were posted on Facebook by Talia's mother through a photo of a handwritten by young own list. The number 62 said she longed for "her own collection of MAC makeup." As published by the Daily Mail, a request is created in the specialized site to create an online brand in honor of the girl and that bears her name.

"Talia Castilian died of cancer on July 16, 2013. She is a famous beauty guru on YouTube. She was a fan of Talia for about a year, and hear about her death hurt me deeply, "she wrote on the site Lauren Vennes, who initiated the request. "I think if we get enough signatures, MAC people will notice, and consider the possibility of realizing the dream of Talia. It would be even better if MAC will donate part of the money from this line to associations fighting against childhood cancer. " Currently, more than 10 thousand signatures were obtained, and the number continues to climb.

With only 13, Talia understood better than many of us life. She suffered a terrible disease, suffered pains and lived with the abysmal idea of ​​the days. But she chose to live those days with a smile, doing what she loved, in the company of their loved ones. How many of us can say we are living in the days that remain that way: with a smile, doing what we love and the people we love the most?

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