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How to choose a free toxic bottle

How to choose a free toxic bottle
When we have a baby it is best to feed breast milk, as recommended by the WHO least 6 months exclusive breastfeeding and then ideally go up to at least two years by the Complementary Feeding. We have already spoken on occasion about how breastfeeding protects the baby against the risk of childhood leukemia and mother against breast cancer. But sometimes there is no other choice but to Artificial Breastfeeding and bottles used for this purpose.

If we use a bottle to feed our son we must consider that milk is a food with fat content must be heated and both, fat and heat facilitate the release of hormone disruptors (such as bisphenol A or BPA) to milk in a plastic bottle. Children are especially vulnerable to the toxic by not matured in them the blood-brain barrier (so your brain is more permeable and sensitive) and your liver and kidneys are less able to eliminate toxins.

When choosing a bottle we can be lost to the wide range and wealth of information: we provide the best for our children and doubts arise about what to choose, bottle glass, stainless steel or BPA-free plastic ? Teat rubber, latex, silicone, plastic? We know that food comes into contact with these materials and can vehiculizar toxic, which makes us discard plastic bottles as a healthy alternative. Since Conasi we offer two green and healthy alternatives: Thank You and Klean Kanteen two bottles that are designed to avoid plastic to feed the children consciously without associated toxicity.

Both Nature's Design as Klean Kanteen care materials have their bottles to detail as glass and stainless steel are the materials which are safer and do not alter the taste of liquids we put inside. Glass is the most non-toxic material market, particularly glass used in the bottle Thank You is resistant and free of heavy metals. The stainless steel used by Klean Kanteen bottles is their 18/8, a safe and durable material of high quality; It is the same material used in hospitals and kitchens.

While glass is a material that can be broken, the bottle Nature's Design borosilicate glass is highly resistant glass. It is also protected by a cover cork can be removed with ease. This cover allows thermal insulation (heat keeps shortly, but it preserves a little and it is warm to the touch) and protects against shocks. Both bottles are easy to wash and available in different sizes depending on the age and needs of the baby.

The nipple may be a key factor when choosing a bottle, since it is the part that comes into direct contact with the child's mouth. For your choice we must consider the material it is made and its texture and shape. Thank You for teat is natural latex (the latex is also known as rubber, because the rubber is obtained from the latex). It is a soft material and very elastic, very soft and easily adapts to the baby's mouth. Being a somewhat permeable material can absorb colors and smells of food, so if you want you can change it at certain intervals (every 4-8 weeks). Teat universal format, anatomically shaped and easily interchangeable, that can be used with other standard bottles mouth. It can be sterilized.

The teat Klean Kanteen is food grade silicone, a material that does not absorb odors and is three times more durable than latex (recommended change every 3 months). Its texture is more rigid and less soft in the mouth of the baby. The teat Klean Kanteen bottles mimics the way the breast and its anatomical shape lets you feed your baby in comfort. It can also be sterilized. Neither silicone nipple or natural latex should be exposed to direct sunlight or heat or be soaked longer than recommended by the manufacturer solucies disinfectants to prevent damage materials.

Generally our choice may depend on the child's age and if you're looking for is a bottle for use at home (better glass) or for our trips abroad (best stainless steel). The glass is always our first choice as the safest material is also easy to sterilize and consider it ideal for infants. The bottle stainless steel unbreakable and ergonomic, it is more useful to the baby begins to hold the bottle.

The choice of the teat is also fundamental in our choice, since it is the component that we introduce directly into the mouth of our baby. Thank You and Klean Kanteen offer a safe alternative with different materials and textures and eventually be the baby who will have the last word.

For more complete information on this and other related to the health of your baby we recommend the book Your baby toxic-free web-Conasi topics. At home luckily we never used bottle, as I breastfed my children to beyond 2 years and liquids they have been drunk by the glass, but if we have been lucky enough to test the bottle version of these bottles and are very happy. Both the glass and the stainless steel does not transfer flavor to water. Here you can see the healthy alternative to plastic bottles

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