Sunday, September 6, 2015

Drinking water before meals can help you lose weight

Drinking water before meals can help you lose weight
A new study published in the journal Obesity says that 2 glasses of water before meals can help us lose weight. You know that obesity is associated with increased the risk of cancer, especially of the uterus, breast, ovary, colon, esophagus, so it is very important to maintain a healthy weight throughout our lives. This new study tells of an effective and simple strategy to help control weight: drink water before meals.

The study lasted 12 weeks and 84 obese adults who were divided into two groups were included: one group was asked to drink two cups of water 30 minutes before 3 meals and the other will be, asked to imagine that their stomachs were full 30 minutes before eating different foods. All participants were given a half-hour session on strategies to lose weight and all received a phone call tracking.

Participants in the intervention group received water bottle and were encouraged to drink water before meals. Both groups lost weight, but the group that drank water lost, on average, about 1.5 kg more than those who imagined to have bellies full. Within the group that drank water there were differences between those who met the recommendation for 3 meals compared to those who did only 1 meals. Those who drank two glasses of water before meals lost 3 average 3.5 kg. So you know 2 glasses of water before meals, easy, simple and effective.

Source Parretti Helen M. et al. Efficacy of preloading water before meals as a main strategy for weight loss in primary care patients With obesity: RCT. Obesity. Volume 23, Issue 9, pages 1785-1791, September 2015. Article first published online: 3 AUG 2015.

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