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Chaouch Chadia a survivor to write its history

Chaouch Chadia a survivor to write its history in 'Runner of life'
Chadia Chaouchn. On the World Cancer Day firsthand stories of patients who survive the disease are a source of hope and valuable advice for those who are currently fighting. Cancer is not one disease, there are many different. Doctors tend to say that no two are alike cancers but all have something in common: the patient and the feelings it faces.

More than half of the tumors are cured
Precisely in this situation Chadia Chaouch, who beat breast cancer was found. This survivor has decided to write his story. In 'Runner of life' he explains how he managed to overcome the physical effects of the disease step up to be able to perform so intense as running the half marathon in San Francisco physical effort.

The book recounts his experience as a patient, both fears as the first step by different diagnostic tests and operation of the sentinel node. Chaouch encourages the patient to move on without being overcome by the disease, to see the future with hope avoiding focus on fear of cancer. Chaouch, which tells how during chemotherapy sessions the hospital "became their home" has ten tips for the day of the sick:

1. Feeling that life has meaning. You need to have your own dreams and find out why and by whom live. It is important to master the fears and resentments and seek counseling if necessary. Express feelings to friends and experts can be of great help.

2. Live in the moment, live for today. Do not think about tomorrow or the past, or the future of the disease and treatment

3. Take attention to the body healthy.

4. Do not think of the possible side effects of treatment. Every mind and every body is an entire world.

5. Try to take a little walk every day. Walking helps to clear and be in touch with nature is very positive

6. Hold to something that gives strength. Family, children or religious or spiritual beliefs are key when it comes to stay strong against the disease.

7. Thinking that the disease is a stage of life that begins and ends. You have to enjoy all the good in this life as the friends and family and spend free time to yourself and loved ones.

8. Take care of the physical aspect. Learn to love and, despite treatment, remain attractive are key to maintaining self-esteem in good condition

9. Do not compare with any other personal process. Each process, each person is unique.

10. Reconciliation with outstanding issues. Healthy family is filing roughness or fix unresolved conflicts and why not, meet wishes that have been postponed.

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