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Cancer, five story full of life

Cancer, five story full of life
Trust in doctors, positive attitude, willingness to fight, support and speak openly, keys to overcoming cancer. Horrible word we all hide, as if ignoring it could prevent some day be housed in our body. Hide the floor and hide the effects, Big mistake, experts say, because diseases are diseases and cancer talk as you talk about heart disease or diabetes. Why this difference, because of its association with death? Today, more men die in Spain and women from cardiovascular diseases and tumors, however, no one is afraid to say "has died of a heart attack."

In addition, experts say that with each passing day more people overcome cancer, thanks on the one hand, scientists and drug developments and, above all, because people have assumed that the slightest indication that something is wrong in the body should go to the doctor. Early detection is enabling, in many types of tumors, survival a reality. "Cancer is out," say the experts. And here are these five stories collected by the Madrid Institute of Oncology (IMO) just to show the world that there is life after cancer.

"I have left much behind, I started a better life" Maria Jose, 39, recalls the day and the time when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006: "It was a jug of water." But, after the shock, always hard, he decided he was not going to sink. The year he spent in treatment was made to the idea that there was going to have children, "But my pet got out into the street, I would not come down. The truth is I owe a lot. " Now, it is recognized happy: "Cancer made me a positive person. So positive, that I now have my baby, a girl of twenty-two months. " "I have not got my life, I started living as a result of cancer. I have left many things behind and have begun a much better life. My life I have recovered, I've improved. " Advises that right now are going through what she went through four years ago that "trust" in his doctor: "You have to believe in it." And tells how cancer has brought new hopes: "It has given me have a child, a pet, be a better person, more condescending and, above all, has made me want to live."

"I appreciate the expression 'til tomorrow, God willing' 'would advise all who have the disease to talk about it, to express themselves, to give their opinions about cancer. It is very important to take outside it in you because you relieved. To me has helped me a lot, "explains Pedro Pablo, 57, who has overtaken lung cancer. The same advice is what gives Enrique, 45, who has overcome a brain tumor. "I am opposed to not talk about the cancer. I've always said I had cancer and even, I tend to see it with humor. The cancer meha made a positive, forward !, we must be positive, do not close and very important thing is attitude. I repeat, we must be positive, positive, "he laughs. Pedro Pablo remembers: "When I was sick was an expression that did not value and which now, after the illness, I do. It is' until tomorrow, God willing. " And when I got up in the morning thinking, 'Well, God wanted another day'. And I woke up happy, cheerful, eager to fight. " "If life were like football and could use a Moviola, go back, I would quit smoking, so they have suffered and what I have done to others." Peter Paul recognizes that the great start he had during his illness was his dedication to work. "I thought, 'You have life and have to fight.'"

"You have to speak without fear of cancer, it helps" "Before the cancer was a very insecure person, but as a result of the disease have given importance to what really has," Sara, 34, explained in treatment for breast cancer. "I've recovered the dream of myself and start living the life. Now, every step I take, I give it safely. " "A person who was just diagnosed with cancer would say that is exceeded, you should be convinced. Do not see the word cancer as something taboo or as a synonym for thin person, with bad look, listless. You have to speak without fear of cancer, it helps a lot. " And he ends with a nice smile: "They say what does not kill you makes you stronger, and in my case, I am a new, different person, nothing to do with before."

"Seeing the children gave me strength" "I was very impressed when I went to the TomoTherapy unit of Grupo IMO in clinical La Milagrosa, Madrid. I entered a query that was full of children and, then, the shock was overwhelming. I was there fifteen minutes and saw the joyful children, wanting to play. I think that was what finally prompted me to be more positive, "explains José María, about to turn 60 and who has overcome cancer of the larynx. "My life has changed -relata-, especially in regard to my work situation. I worked long hours and, at this time, I'm making lighter, enough to have a decent standard of living things. Since then, care for my children, my wife, she is more humanized, because before my illness was always more worried about my job for them. Now, relationships with my family are like film. " "Now I live better and happier, with less money than they had before and I have no concern about the reduction in living standards. Not done anything less, I assure you, and I am much more solidarity ".

"It is best known cancer and know everything" The story of Amalia, who soon turns 70, is the story of a fighter capitalized. You have exceeded two cancers, one of colon and endometrial another, and that is full of life and ready to give hope because there. "I think the first is to get face cancer alone, looking fortress where everyone can. In my case, I found God and then my doctor, my family and my friends. " From his experience, he believes that the best "is understanding of cancer and to know everything." "It is better to face it than trying to hide it. I am having passed two cancers I feel I have tenidomuchas opportunities, and what mepregunto; so now I want to fill my life around and return everything you have given me. I have seen the power of the being helped by others, and that has helped me. " Amalia recalls the many people who have helped, "many", he reiterated, and also their ability to seek help. "To me the cancer has taught me to value life and I discovered the value of friendship, I have not been alone." "And in my walks in the Retiro Park looking for peace and harmony, seeing sprout life, there also thought my life might rise again," says Amalia.

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