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The 7 most important nutrients for healthy strong hair

The 7 most important nutrients for healthy strong hair
Did you know that a healthy and balanced diet helps to keep your hair healthy? The right nutrients supply the sophisticated hair with vitamins, minerals and various trace elements. They are building blocks that are good for your hair and take care of the important gloss and sufficient strength.

What foods good for your hair
The right foods are an essential component for hair. Malnutrition makes the hair thin and often leads to increased hair loss. Protein diets are pure horror for the roots, which is why anorexic girls are often affected by remarkably thin hair. Specifically, the hair roots need adequate intake of nutrients to shine and radiate health. Learn the 7 key nutrients and foods that contribute to healthy mane.

1. foods with vitamin A - adds softness
Retinol, which is also better known as vitamin A, ensures a healthy hair growth and makes the mane supple. Dairy products, carrots, peppers and fish oil contain enough retinol, which are good for your hair. Vitamin tablets can also be taken, however, should not exceed the guideline.

2. foods with enough vitamin B
The necessary strength of hair is available through vitamins of the B complex. Important metabolic processes are activated by the ingestion of meat, yeast, egg yolks, legumes and nuts. Vitamin B is good for the hair, quickly adjusts the desired force effect.

3. food with Vitamin C - important and good for your hair
Healthy hair can be obtained by adequate vitamin C. Citrus fruits are the most important Vitamin C donors. Red blood cells are bound to iron, and then transported into the body. The cells in the hair shaft to strengthen and healthy hair resulting in foods such as citrus fruits and cruciferous vegetables.

4. Foods with Vitamin H - the important luster in your hair
Good for your hair also are foods that contain a high proportion of biotin. This vitamin is found in many products: meat, egg yolks, milk, nuts and whole grains. In addition to hair and your whole body benefits from this vitamin H rich diet. Inflammation of the hair follicles may also be eliminated. Quickly the natural splendor unfolds in your hair, you will certainly admired.

5. Hair substance requires adequate protein
Keratin is the basic building block of hair. It consists mainly of protein (protein) and constitutes the backbone of the cells. Protein-rich diet strengthens the hair in a very short time. Therefore one should not give up foods with protein. Potatoes, soybeans and cereals contain vegetable protein, which is biologically more valuable on the contrary to animal counterparts (meat, eggs, cheese).

6. Strong growth by iron
Iron deficiency not only leads to broken fingernails, but also hair are affected. Good for your hair is meat, which is the main supplier of iron. Vegetarians should be compensated by a dietary supplement these iron deficiency.

7. Zinc - the all-rounder for the entire body
Good for your hair and good for the whole body of the people are food contain zinc at high levels. Oysters, eggs and cheese are very good sources of this nutrient. Zinc ensures the protection of the hair roots, activates many enzymes which also skin and fingernails benefit.

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