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See The Characteristics of Skin Cancer

See The Characteristics of Skin Cancer
Skin cancer. Recognize the difference between mole or skin cancer? Using the ABCDE - usually can be determined whether it is possible is already to skin cancer in the skin change to a harmless birthmark.

What is skin cancer? The preamble skin cancer called different malignant tumors of the skin. Among other things, a distinction is made in black and white skin cancers. The main causes for a long and intense sun exposure to unprotected skin and frequent sunburns during childhood are. If it is detected early enough, skin cancer is very treatable.

Preferably skin cancer develops in places that are often exposed to the sun. But even in places that barely gotten sun, such as under the soles of the feet is skin cancer can develop.

ABCDE rule
Lesions are assessed with reference to the ABCDE rule. So it can be determined whether has already become skin cancer from a harmless mole.
A = Asymmetry
B = limit
C = Color (from the term Colour for color)
D = diameter
E = sublimity

A mole is therefore striking
Asymmetrical (A)
Irregular borders (B)
Uneven colored (C)
Has a diameter of more than 5 mm (D)
And exalted is (E).

Skin cancer screening
Doctors recommend all people over 35 years to be examined on skin cancer every 2 years. This Recommendation is mainly aimed at people with very fair skin, many moles or a hereditary bias. If a suspicious mole detected during this screening, a tissue sample is removed and examined in the laboratory. Only then can a reliable statement can be made about whether there really is skin cancer. But not all suspicions confirmed.

To prevent this from happening
-Creams yourself regularly and carefully with a sunscreen one, which has a high sun protection factor.
-Protect. The skin with light clothing
-Avoid the midday sun 11-15 clock.
-Do you prefer shady places. But be careful - even in the shade, they are not fully protected from the sun. The UV radiation is indeed in the shade weaker, but it still exists, because the sunlight is partially scattered and reflected by sand or water. Therefore, pay attention even in the shade on a sufficient sunscreen.
-Observe your skin regularly and go with changes immediately to the dermatologist.

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