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Three Reasons Why Drinking water Makes You Beautiful

Three Reasons Why Drinking water Makes You Beautiful
Over the many creams, powders and concealers away you quickly forget that beauty is well known, comes from within. In fact, does not help the best cream in the world, when the body does not have enough fluid. Find out how much water you should drink and why does water beautifully.

Drinking water makes you beautiful
Makes Three Reasons Why drink water beautiful. Recommendations on how much water you should drink, differ greatly. Many recommendations are talking about two to three liters of water a day, other drinks not included in the calculation. In mid-summer or at high physical activity that might be useful, for most this is but a utopian value.

Even reputable publications distancing themselves from this value. One must not forget, finally, that even on the nutrient solution is added. Dehydration is indeed dangerous, detrimental to the concentration and the body itself, but more is not always better even with water.

As a guide, apply 1.5 to 3 liters of fluid for an adult per day, depending on the temperature and physical effort. About 7 liters, however, are regarded as questionable, since the blood is diluted excessively and important minerals are flushed out. More than 800 milliliters per hour, the body but also not apply. However, a healthy adult can also listen to his body and the feeling of thirst.

Watching have heart, kidney and liver disease. The damaged organs are overwhelmed with too much water faster than in healthy people. It is also important to quench the thirst, especially with water or tea. Who mainly drinking cola or other soft drinks, has quickly exceeded the recommended daily amount of sugar far. In addition, the blood glucose never sleeps but always oscillates up and down. Alcohol should not be used primarily to quench your thirst.

1. Water gives the skin moisture and elasticity
The best moisturizer does not help or can prevent most even worse when the body is permanently dehydrated. If a contracted standing skin fold, then missing the body fluid. For dry skin, although several factors play a role, can drink enough but already help. A well circulated skin absorbs not only nutrients but also stays longer wrinkle-free, at least in terms of what dry lines. Furthermore ensures good blood circulation for a fresh, healthy complexion. Too little water makes the skin become flabby. The elasticity decreases and the resistance of the skin is damaged.

2. Water can soften pimples
Water helps the body metabolic waste and flush out toxins. What is flushed out of the body, no longer needs to be delivered through the skin. Pimples can be approximately prevented. In addition, the skin barrier is only fully functional when the body has enough water available. Water stimulates the skin's metabolism and promotes the oxygenation of the skin. So to fulfill its protective function skin. If too little water, the protective layer becomes brittle. Bacteria can then easily penetrate and cause inflammation.

Blemished skin often has to do with the nature of sebum. For tougher tallow sets quickly in pores from, these clogs and causes blackheads and consequently pimples. Who drinks a lot, can make the sebum so often something supple and prevent blackheads before they arise.

3. Water holds slim
Who drinks the two liters of water every day, increases its calorie consumption by 100 calories per day. Are the 36,500 calories, which correspond to the equivalent of about 5 kilogram of body fat per year. This effect is caused, among other things by the fact that water is used as a means of transport. It transports nutrients from the food out quickly into cells and waste products from the body.

In addition, water brings your metabolism up to speed, so that more calories are burned. Even fat is too little water rather than stored burned. Finally, water helps to prevent premature feeling of hunger. Who drinks sufficient automatically expands the liquid his stomach something. This report then later hunger, as he would do it with a little water. One can "drink away" hunger so to a certain degree at a diet.

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