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Too Many Soft Drink Makes You Fat

Soft Drink Makes You Fat
Diet soft drink consumption is associated with increased abdominal fat. Already a scientifically well established that the consumption of sugar, mainly contained in the non-nutritive products such as sweetened soft drinks and juices, is associated with a higher incidence of overweight, obesity, hypertension and diabetes, and other diseases of inflammatory origin.

In recent decades an alternative for people who do not want to stop taking soda has been the soda or juice "diet". Like substance used to sweeten the drink contains no calories, theoretically their consumption would have no energy or metabolic effect. However, some recent studies have found a correlation between the large increase in the incidence of obesity (considered an epidemic by its rapid growth and distribution by the planet) and increased consumption of products "diet", especially drinks.

Although these studies do not establish a cause and effect relationship, they served as a warning to the fact that maybe Products "diet" are not as beneficial and harmless as previously thought. From there were made new research providing a set of highly suggestive that the drinks evidence "diet", and do not contribute to weight control, can also be harmful to health.

The most recent study addressing this issue was published last week in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society. The research was conducted for 10 years in participants of 65 years or more and the main outcome was registered waist circumference. This measure has become of great importance in the evaluation of obesity and its consequences (more important than weight and body mass index), as it reflects the growth of visceral fat. This fat in particular is a major local production of pro-inflammatory substances released into the circulation (cytokines calls) and that act on blood vessels and on metabolism, increasing the risk of metabolic syndrome. The hypertension, type 2 of diabetes and heart disease.

The search results are nonetheless surprising. At the end of a period of 10 years, participants who regularly took drinks "diet" had a waist circumference up to 3 times higher than those who were not taking any sweetened drink or "diet" and there was a dose-response curve between amount taken and increased abdominal circumference, an approach that is suggestive of a cause / effect relationship.

The explanation for these findings is not yet complete and many studies still need to be performed for the full understanding of the phenomenon. However, there are already scientific evidence to propose two possible mechanisms: - one of them suggests that the action of the artificial sweetener on the reward center in the brain is similar to the natural sugar. 

Thus, excessive intake leads to a tolerance of the reward center (to feel the same effect as a larger amount is required to be well) and then the individual ingests natural sugars in other ways to satisfy this requirement; - A more recent proposal, and that does not exclude the previous one, is based on results showing that artificial sweetener has no effect on the intestinal microbiota modification (set of trillions of bacteria that inhabit our gastrointestinal tract and influencing various aspects of our normal operation, the metabolism immune system) leading to metabolic changes that induce higher energy storage in the abdomen.

Regardless of the mechanism, it is now clearly established that to maintain good health one must move away from soft drinks of any kind, and juices with sugar or artificial sweetener. That's it, at any age rather than zero soda, soda zero!

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