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Health Revenue, Apple With Green Tea

Apple With Green Tea
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Green tea with apple. Several scientific studies in recent years have been associated with consumption of certain foods for health promotion. Consistent results indicate a positive relationship between the consumption of fruits and vegetables and different health benefits, especially with regard to the protection of cardiocirculatory system against atherosclerosis and also the development of certain types of cancers. Green tea has also attracted the attention of scientists and has been considered a 'benefactor' to health, however.. with its controversial results.

So much for the effect of fruit as for the green tea, the proposed mechanism of action is to promote the cells a chemical process called oxidation. This process occurs through substances contained in these foods, so this generically called the antioxidants, which act by decreasing the processes of formation of atheromatous plaques and formation of new blood vessels (a process called angiogenesis and very important in the development and maintenance of tumors) . All the main antioxidants studied belongs to the chemical class of polyphenols (present in large quantities in olive oil).

In an attempt to better understand this relationship between polyphenols and the reduction of biological processes that underlie some diseases, a group of researchers from England Food Research Institute conducted a study in order to determine the molecular mechanisms that cause the polyphenols reduce angiogenesis and its harmful body health consequences. The results of this research, were published this week in the journal Molecular Nutrition and Food Research.

Research has shown that the specific apple polyphenol (procyanidin) complements the effect of the green tea component (epigallocatechin). This effect consisted of an inhibition of a protein called growth factor Vascular Endothelial (the acronym is VEGF), which is a potent promoter of angiogenesis.

Even more interesting is that the combination of both polyphenols causes a low concentration of each of them to achieve the inhibitory effect of angiogenesis is required, this concentration can be achieved with the amount of these compounds found in a normal diet containing apple and green tea.
So for afternoon snack, an apple with a cup of green tea will make you good!

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