Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Risk of Tattoing your Body

Making a picture in human body or we called tattoos nowadays is a common thing to find. Apart from the issue of social life, until about art, every person has the right to make tattoos on his body or not. However, because the tattoo is the process of inserting foreign objects into the body, then you should be ready with the health risks that could be caused by tattooing.

The most common health problems when you get a tattoo:

1. Bacterial infections
Tattoos will make your skin pores open and create a gaping wound. So that the bacterial infection is likely to occur. And eventually make your skin red, inflamed, blistered, even ooze pus.

2. Allergy
Dye that is inserted into the skin is mostly made of chemicals. For those of you who have a talent allergy, allergy caused it to be more severe and cause a rash or itching around the tattoo.

3. Transmission of blood-borne diseases
The equipment used to make tattoos capable of causing infection through blood. This transmission will lead to chronic diseases such as syphilis, leprosy, hepatitis, to HIV.

4. Dermatitis
Skin infections are one of the most common type of infection after you get a tattoo. Some common types of skin infections are cellulitis, herpes simplex, warts, and Atypical tuberculosis infection.

Infection of the disease can be prevented by using equipment that is really sterile. However, the risk of the disease can occur at any time even though you've tried to keep it. Therefore consider well if you want to get a tattoo, especially if you have allergies.

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