Monday, November 17, 2014

Mangoe leaves benefit for human body

mango leaves
you all already know this delicious fruit that sometimes only in certain seasons. In addition, there are many benefits of mangoes which can be obtained from the fruit we consume. But if you hear the leaves of mango is beneficial for health, of course, still a few people who know.

As I said earlier, there are still a few people who know what the benefits of mango leaves to health. Therefore, I will inform you what the health benefits of mango leaves. Mango leaves alone we can find a lot around the house. Well, so we could make our own medicine through mango leaves.

Benefits of Mango Leaf

1. Reduce Pain of Diabetic Angiopathy

Angiopathy Diabetes is a deadly disease. The disease attacks the blood vessels of the patient around the pancreas. However, with this mango leaves, you can reduce the pain of this Angiopathy Diabetes. You can use a powder of mango leaves, then that will be used as a tea you brewed for the Diabetes sufferers.

2. Lowering High Blood Pressure

Not many people know, that mango leaves are also useful for lowering high blood pressure. Consuming tea with mango leaf powder can reduce blood pressure.

3. Refreshing Body and Treat Restless

Mango leaves can also be useful for those of you who feel uneasy. To eliminate this, the easy way. Add two to three cups of tea leaves of the mango into your bath water. Bathe as usual, then after a shower you will feel more refreshed and anxiety is reduced. Herbal bath is highly recommended for decrease soreness and also lackluster.

4. Human Reproduction better

Other benefit of mango leaves also rarely known to the general public. Mango leaves also have a function to enrich the couple. The way is easy, simply puree two spring onions and mango leaves to taste. Then mix with half a cup of warm water, then brewed. Drink regularly.

5. Treat Gout

Mango leaves in addition to treating diabetes, you also can use it to treat gout. Quite easy, mango leaf brewed in hot water, then brewed. Potions can add honey or sugar to taste. You can also smooth mango leaves to make it easier.

6. Relieve cough and cold diseases.

7. Relieve asthma.

How to Consume Very Easy: Pick a few pieces of mango leaves, wash thoroughly and then chopped, freshly dried until dry, store in a dry place and take 2 teaspoons then pour 1 cup of hot water.

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