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List of herbal remedy for coronary artery disease

Various methods of medicine already exist for treating coronary artery disease, but coronary heart herbal remedy remains sought after by many people. This happens because many people sometimes don't want to consume the drug dangerous for kidneys, especially made the rest of the chemical, including treatment with surgery, which is of course very risky and people certainly should think repeatedly before performing the operation. That's the reason why some of the herbal remedy for coronary artery disease much sought after.
If you are indeed looking for coronary heart herbal remedy is really potent and efficacious, you should be careful in selecting them, so you don't waste Your money down the drain. But, of course, you also get the best herbal remedy and it really effective in helping to heal Your coronary heart disease.

To be known by You, that there are an awful lot of the herbal medicine dealers admitted that its products are beneficial. However, it is dangerous and can damage your body. To ensure the effectiveness and safety of use also special herbal remedy coronary heart, you can try to find a herbalist or herbal treatment expert original.
Do you want the consumption of herbal drugs with herbal ingredients that you can find easily, to be consumed along with your food? You could try some herbal plant types below;

1. Temu Giring
Temu giring ( Curcuma Heyneana ) believed it could lower cholesterol levels in the human body. This plant also serves to clean the blood, maintaining heart health, be antiseptic, improves blood circulation, cosmetics ingredients and anti worm or antelmintic.

2. Temu Putih/Zedoary
Temu Putih or Zedoary ( Curcuma Zedoaria ) plants useful in stopping bleeding, maintaining heart health, kill germs, avoid high blood pressure, seizures, fever, cure and also help stop blood after a miscarriage and childbirth.

3. Garlic
It turns out this plant, which you can find in the kitchen easyly, have a function that is efficacious as coronary heart herbal remedy. Garlic has a usefulness to lower cholesterol, reduce high blood pressure, anti-cancer, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal. In addition, antioxidants in garlic is also important as a deterrent of arteriosclerosis and coronary heart disease as well as serum lipid oxidation fight. Other, facts from a study also indicates if garlic can help reduce LDL cholesterol levels or lower and increase HDL cholesterol levels also known as good cholesterol, lower blood pressure, to keep the blood flow smoothly, lower blood sugar, prevention against cancer, also treat disorders of digestive organs in humans.

4. Sambang Darah
The next plant that is also a herbal plant to heal coronary heart disease is Sambang Darah ( Excoecaria cochinchinensis )Sambang Darah has usefulness as guard stop bleeding, heart health, killer germs, hangover cure high blood pressure, and also treat seizures, fever and stop the occurrence of bleeding after childbirth and miscarriage, does it do the same with plants and herbs zedoary already discussed earlier.

5. Mahkota Dewa
The last plants and herbs are known as Mahkota Dewa ( Phaleria macrocarpa ). This plant can be used for the treatment of a wide range of chronic diseases, such as coronary heart illness, cancer, high blood pressure and also disease gout.

The plants above  that you can use as an herbal remedy to help cure coronary heart disease. However, if you do not want to bother you can try searching for medicinal herbs directly from the internet, because it's already an awful lot peddlers a trusted herbal remedies that you can count on. But dont forget to contact the nearest expert herbalist before you use these plants.
The information on herbal medicine coronary artery disease, Thankyou.

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