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Green Beans For Anemia

Green Beans Herbal Remedy For Anemia 
Anemia Disease is often referred to as lack of red blood diseases. Anemia is a condition in which the amount of hemoglobin (the oxygen-carrying protein) in red blood cells is below normal. In the red blood cells are the oxygen carrying hemoglobin that functions ranging from the lungs and deliver it throughout the body. 
Anemia occurs when the body produces too few red blood cells, red blood cells lose too much on or off the red blood cells more than replacing it. Anemia occurs happen when a girl is prone to experience first menstruation. Because, usually a lot of blood came out in the early days of menstruation. In addition, anemia is also caused by a lack of iron in the everyday foods we eat. 

Herbs are readily available to treat anemia that is green beans. Green Beans contain vitamins, B1, B12, and niacin. In addition, this plant is also equipped with B6, riboflavin, panthotenat acid that plays a role in helping the body organ function and metabolism. In 100 grams of green beans contained potassium (266 mg), calcium (27 mg), manganese (48 mg), phosphorus (99 mg), magnesium (0.3 mg), zinc (0.8 mg), iron (1 , 4 mg), and selenium. 

Here's the recipe mixing herbs for anemia. 

1 cup green beans. 
400 cc of boiled water. 

How dispensing Remedy: 

Wash green beans. 
Mix green beans with 400 cc of water, and boil until the remaining 100 cc. 
Drink the decoction while warm. 
This concoction is served in 1 cup for a drink. 
Drink this mixture two times a day on a regular basis.


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