Monday, November 3, 2014

Asparagus prevents Alzheimer

You can get this vegetables on the supermarket that started a lot of this one provide vegetables, asparagus contains many nutrients that are good for the health of your body. These vegetables are usually harvested when the buds are still growing into and sold in a fresh state. 
And keep in mind that eating asparagus turns bring good benefits to health, there are six benefits of vegetable asparagus, as described in the following: 

Preventing Alzheimer's Disease 
Damage to the nervous system (neurons) is one of the main causes of Alzheimer's disease, Vitamin K content of asparagus is 35% sufficient to meet your daily intake of Vitamin K. Vitamin K is enough to make you not easily stressed and are able to prevent Alzheimer's, in addition to the function another of Vit K as maintaining bone density, as well as teeth (prevents cavities), preventing osteoporosis. 

Keeping Your Heart to Keep Healthy 
High folic acid content of asparagus is useful to prevent the risk of cardiovascular disease, as asparagus can lower bad cholesterol, potassium, fiber, and folic acid from asparagus are also good for your blood pressure stabilizes. 

Good for Digestive system
If you often suffer from constipation, consumption of asparagus will be able to reduce your suffering from diarrhea or bowel movement is not smooth (constipation) due to the fiber content of these foods, asparagus is currently considered the only vegetable to contain insulin and nutrition for good bacteria in the colon. With enough good bacteria in the colon will dispel all the bad bacteria, and the amino acid content of asparagus also facilitate in extracting the gas in the body so as to relieve nausea and flatulence. 

Special Efficacy of asparagus can ward off cancer and prevent deadly diseases, glutathione content of this compound was the one who was instrumental in counteracting free radicals and cancer (a powerful antioxidant). 

Good For Peoples with Diabetes 
Include the asparagus in the daily diet of people with diabetes is regarded as the right choice, why is that? because asparagus calories and low sugar, and contains a very good insulin for diabetes. 

Optimizing Women's Health 
High content of folic acid is very good for the health of pregnant women and also for the development of the fetus. Also able to increase male and female fertility, reduce menstrual pain, improving libido in men and women. 

Given the many benefits of vegetables asparagus, it seems a pity if it is not included in the menu of your choice daily food, let's get into the habit of consuming these vegetables to stay healthy at all times. Thankyou.

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