Wednesday, November 19, 2014

7 types of Unsuitable Beverage during Medication

Drinks are important for the human body. But unfortunately, There are some types of drinks actually cause adverse reactions when combined with medication. Here are some types of drinks that you should avoid when going to or after taking medicine. Wait 3 hours after taking medicine to drink beverages below:

1. Grapefruit juice.
More than 50 types of drugs will decrease the healing function because these types of drinks, including statins and drugs for high blood pressure. A number of organic compounds, which were identified as derivatives furanokumarin can interfere with heart and absorb the CYP3A4 isoform of cytochrome P450 enzymes in the small intestine wall. A research news from University of Western in Ontario CANADA showed that grapefruit juice increases the absorption (absorption) of certain drugs and alter the normal dose becomes excessive doses.

2. Pomegranate juice.
An enzyme found in pomegranate juice can break down blood pressure medication prescription. Pomegranate juice can also slow down the speed of the liver to break down blood thinners and on antidepressants can cause a decrease in the effectiveness of drugs and the use of excess could even harm the body.

3. Dairy products.
The milk will reduce the absorption of antibiotics in the body and inhibits the absorption of certain components of the drug, such as iron. The calcium in milk can also disrupt thyroid medication effectiveness and can bind drugs or antibiotics that prevent the absorption of the drug in the body. Wait at least 3 hours after taking the drug for a drink that is rich in calcium.

4. Caffeine (including tea, green tea coffee and other energy drinks)
Caffeine can cause serious health threat if taken with stimulants medicines. It's a must to avoid drinking coffee while taking ephedrine (appetite suppressant), asthma drugs and amphetamines. Allow at least 3 hours after taking the drug, a new coffee and other drinks containing caffeine.

5. Isotonic 
Potassium in these drinks can be dangerous when combined with drugs for heart failure or hypertension drugs. Avoid bananas too, because bananas are also very rich in potassium and contain mucus from the respiratory stifling.

6. Wine
Sipping a glass of wine while taking antidepressants can cause hypertension, headache, rapid heart rate and stroke. This also applies to other energy drinks.

7. Green tea
Green tea contains a little vitamin K, which can reduce the effects of drugs such as coumarin or warfarin (to prevent blood clotting).

Such articles about 7 Beverage type Unsuitable Taken Together Drugs. Before or after taking the medicine, you should note the descriptions above. Avoid drinking above while taking the drug, for the sake of healing effectiveness and safety when taking medication.

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