Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Warning; Do not consume too much sugar.

Sugar as one with a variety of foods consumed everyone every day. You have to agree with this. So much food and sweet drinks back and forth in the mouth and digestive. Its effects would not be felt in that moment. However, if you begin to wake up and know about the harmful effects of consuming sugar and sweet foods in excess. it is certain, you will begin to reduce the consumption of sugar and sweet foods. So, what are the facts terrible sugar for health ... ???

Eating and drinking is certainly a basic human need to stay alive and undergoing various activities and work undertaken. Problems will start to appear, when the need for food and drink can not be well controlled. While we both know, a variety of food and beverages consumed mostly sweet or having a relatively high sugar content. In fact, sugar is not good for your health, if the levels in the body in high amounts.  
Here are 5 facts sugar horrible for your health:

1. Consumption of Sugar Potentially Exposed Big Heart Disease. This is because, consume sugar or sweet foods or drinks that excess will reduce levels of good cholesterol or HDL and increasing the levels of fat in the blood that will result in heart disease.

2. Cancer Will Begin Attacking Your Body. In fact, sugar or glucose content of various foods and beverages consumed the food is very loved by the cancer cells. Thus, controlling the consumption of sugar or sweet foods should be a priority that should be in priority.

3. Consumption of Large Potentially Affected Sugar Diabetes Type 2. If a person is able to control blood glucose levels through a variety of foods and sugary drinks are consumed, it will make lighter work of the hormone insulin (hormone insulin is the hormone in charge of controlling the levels of glucose in the blood is always stable ). So that type 2 diabetes will not easily attack your body.

4. Excessive sugar consumption Will Lose Your Immune System. The inability of a person in control of a variety of foods and sugary drinks would lead to excessive weight gain, or better known as obesity. The immune system is supposed to keep the body from various diseases from the outside will also be forced to fight a variety of health problems caused by obesity in.

5. Too much sugar Consumption Can Lower Your Brain Capabilities. A study conducted in 2012 has been opened to the fact that consuming excessive amounts of sugar can decrease a person's memory in the brain organ.

Sugar Consumption Associated With Decreased Life Expectancy This means that, start getting used to reduce sugary foods and drinks that can increase a person's age or life expectancy longer plus protected from various kinds of harmful or deadly.
Sugar Consumption Harm Your Heart Organ. This is because, fruktosa and glucose content of various foods and sweet drinks is toxic to the liver. So the need for action to begin to control a variety of food and sweet drinks to save the liver. Thankyou.

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