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Things not to do after eating

Things not to do after eating
Many things that we often do after we eat. But you know, there are some things that are prohibited and adverse effects on health. Perhaps we often ignore it and often do those bad habits to the detriment of our health. 

Let's see how these bad habits detrimental to our bodies. 

1. Avoid eating fruit after eating a heavy meal (rice) 

Should we consume the fruits before eating a heavy meal (rice). This is because: 

a. Rapid increase in blood sugar after an empty stomach 

Because the sugar in fruit is more rapidly absorbed, making it useful for those who want a new, empty stomach or immediately fill with sugar power. For example, eating in the morning. 

b. Absorption of nutrients more perfect 

Nutrients can be absorbed at a more perfect fruit, but if with a heavy meal, it is not absorbed perfectly. 

c. Diet 

Able to diet and reduce the size of the meal, the fiber content of the fruit to make a little patio full stomach so that it can be used for dietary patterns. 

Therefore you should eat fruits after 1-2 hours or 1 hour before meals. 

2. Do not drink tea or coffee after a meal 

Although coffee and tea is good for health, but consumption should be limited. For that you have to know how to limit themselves to avoid side effects. A survey mentioned a few things about the habit of drinking coffee and tea after lunch and dinner. In the survey explained that drinking coffee and tea after meals will be harmful to the health of the digestive system. Coffee and tea absorb protein, iron and vitamins from the foods eaten earlier, so food can not be digested properly. 

Replace with healthy drinks such as water. After a few hours could only sip coffee or tea. 
If you are addicted to coffee or tea, give pause for coffee or tea between 1-2 hours after eating. Give the system time digestion to work absorb nutrients contained in the food before 
coffee or tea entry. 

If you can not help being addicted to tea and coffee then you should try to find alternative ways, namely by making the content of coffee and tea light enough for digestion by adding milk, or ice cream in coffee or lemon tea for additional. 

3. Do not loosen your belt 

Although often we feel comfortable, but loosen belts stomach makes things worse and result in a decrease of pressure in the stomach due to stomach-derived. Additionally, loosen the belt after a meal may also cause bowel twisted and blocked. 

4. Do not bathe 

Body temperature after eating decreased but, if followed by a shower shortly after eating, then the condition of the body temperature will rise. This will cause the volume of blood flow in the intestinal tract and stomach will be reduced with the result that makes the function of the stomach will weaken and cause the digestive system becomes chaotic. 

5. Do not sleep 

Many people claim that after eating normally sleepy. However, it is better you do not obey drowsiness because if you follow it and to fall asleep then newly entering food can not be digested properly, resulting in bloating and inflammation. 

6. Do not Drink cold water 

No nutritionist who advocated for drink ice after eating. This is due to the influence of food that can not be digested due to meet food and clot juice with ice water. Should replace the habit of drinking iced drink after meals with warm water. In addition to refreshing, drinking warm water can help the absorption of food juices better. 

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