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Recognize early symptoms of high cholesterol

What Are the Physical Symptoms of High Cholesterol? It may be that once the questions you've been. There is so much information that says about the dangers of high cholesterol but not matched with information about the physical signs when the levels of cholesterol in the blood than normal. 

Though aware of these symptoms means has made an effort to prevent exposure to the adverse effects of high cholesterol for example, heart or blood vessel disease. If you want to know the levels of cholesterol in the body would need to perform the examination. For example, by doing a blood test that will provide information on the amount of total cholesterol. But it's better to do a more detailed examination. So they can know how many levels of good cholesterol or HDL and how evil or LDL cholesterol levels as well as the amount of triglycerides. 

There's good cholesterol tests done regularly. Moreover, if a family member has a history of high cholesterol. Not to mention if sedentary lifestyle, like fast food and instant would have more regular checks. So that it can immediately take measures to lower it. 

But actually when a person has high cholesterol levels usually have some physical signs or symptoms. The following physical symptoms of high cholesterol quote from Dr. Aulia Sani a specialist heart and blood vessels, namely: 

1. Frequent Dizziness Feeling particularly in Rear Head. 
If suddenly you often feel dizzy at the back could be because of a blockage in the blood vessels around the head. Cholesterol is beginning to form plaques in the blood vessels make the blockage. Blood vessels can rupture if left unchecked can even cause a stroke. 

2. Feels sore in the neck and shoulders. 
When the neck and shoulders sore may be a sign that blood flow in the blood vessels are not smooth. The blockage of blood vessels by cholesterol is what makes the blood vessels are not smooth. 

3. The Hands and Feet aching when not doing strenuous activity. 
It could be that there has been a buildup of cholesterol in the blood vessels of hands and feet so clogged arteries. Buildup of cholesterol that occurs continuously is what makes your hands and feet to ache when not a lot of heavy activity. 

4. Hands and Feet often experience tingling. 
Tingling usually occurs because one part of the body bent or are in the same position in the long term. But it could also occur because blood flow is not smooth in some parts of the body. The nerves are not getting blood flow is then experienced tingling. 

5. The Chest to the left feels like punctured. 
Left chest means associated with the heart is the organ pumping blood. If pain may have blockage in the blood vessels that are in the vicinity of the heart. The pain can sometimes be felt until the area around the neck. Pain in the chest may also be an indication of heart attack symptoms. 

It's good to recognize the physical symptoms you're experiencing high cholesterol. Because not everyone has the same physical symptoms. There are some people who are experiencing swelling in the legs when high cholesterol. It may be that different people have different signs. If you already recognize the symptoms immediately do intensive examination to the laboratory or to your doctor. Then do regular exercise, eating a variety of foods that are good for lowering cholesterol and if necessary to take supplements that can lower high cholesterol. By recognizing these symptoms then hopefully it can prevent heart disease, stroke, and diseases caused by high cholesterol can occur.

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