Thursday, October 30, 2014

Recognize the autism in children

Recognize the symptoms of autism in children 
Autism is a very complex developmental disorder in children, where the symptoms are already apparent before the child reaches three years old, caused by a neurobiological disorder that affects brain function so that children are not able to interact and communicate with the outside world is good and effective. 

In fact Austime could happen to anyone without exception, however, not all individuals with autism have a low IQ, even some who achieve higher education and has outstanding expertise in specific areas such as art painting, mathematics, music and so on. 

For more details, let us consider the following related traits Autistic children: 

1. Never or rarely eye contact 
2. It is difficult to socialize with other children 
3. Laughing and lying out of place 
4. Do not sensitive to pain 
5. More aloof 
6. Interest in object redundantly 
7. Likes objects rotating / rotating objects 
9. Befriending the game in a strange way for a long time 
10. Do not like to cuddle.

if you find these symptoms with your children, then immediately contact the nearest pediatrician and find out the best solution for your child.

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