Thursday, October 23, 2014

Overcome weak stamina

If you often feel tired, maybe your stamina is declining. But, do not rush to consume energy drinks and stamina enhancer. There are more natural and healthy to handle it! 

Stamina, in health is very important for its role in improving the conditions of a healthy body. Therefore, relatively more cost-effective and bring greater impact to improve public health. While by definition, stamina could mean one's body's ability to perform daily job duties without causing significant fatigue and still have spare energy to enjoy leisure as well as for unexpected needs. 


Furthermore, physical fitness is stamina. Physic means a physical condition, while the means to match fitness, harmony, as well as the body's ability to adapt, maintain the balance of physiological and biochemical processes of the body in a state of severe stress, including physical labor. 

In essence, one nature is dynamic or functional stamina. Can mean the ability to perform heavy physical labor. Therefore, to achieve the task, required stamina is always excellent. Or at least stay healthy, even if power is slightly reduced due to fatigue. 

Therefore, increases stamina by drinking supplements is not recommended. Therefore, the organs in the body that has been working simultaneously not be able to receive a liquid supplement. Even in some cases, it was found that patients suffering from kidney failure, due to previously often consume the energy supplement drinks. Similar drinks it actually makes the kidneys work becomes heavier. 


Instability of the current environmental conditions, season uncertain, as the morning was overcast but hot afternoon, or the morning of the day seemed brighter but a sudden rain may affect the physical condition of the body. If stamina decreases, the body will get sick, and also affect the performance of the body to learn, work, and other activities. Moreover, increasing pollution due to pollution. Below are some tips to maintain and improve stamina: 

1. Sports 

According to cardiologists, particularly aerobic exercise is the best remedy to overcome fatigue and increase energy. Aerobic exercise strengthens the heart so that more oxygen supply to the entire body. More oxygen thereby increasing the efficiency of energy production. Here are some types of aerobic exercise that you can do: 

- Skipping: start slowly and gradually. Perform per day, as long as you feel comfortable. Each week, try to increase the duration, though slightly. This sport can have a positive effect on your stamina. 

- Running: choose a path that is suitable for running. Start running for 2 minutes. The next day, try to be increased to 5 minutes.

- Swimming: everyone should know the positive influence of sports pool. This is a very nice gym. If you get used to swim 30 minutes each day, will have a tremendous influence on stamina. 

- Cycling: This is an example of another type of sport that is very good to increase stamina. Remember, not only stamina, but a positive effect on the health of the body. 

2. Drink more 

Less fluid is the cause of fatigue. If the body is deficient, blood fluid thickens. As a result, blood flow is slow and it takes more time for the body's cells to get oxygen. 

3. Eat a little, not too much

Eat small meals nutritionally balanced, with an intensity more often. Eating large portions rich in carbohydrates cause blood sugar to rise. This will lead to more insulin is released by the body. This condition will affect too much blood sugar is sent to the muscle cells to be stored. This is the cause of fatigue. 

4. Consumption of supplements of vitamins, minerals, and omega 3 fatty acids 

Patients are advised fatigue given a multivitamin and mineral intake. Because antioxidant vitamins help the body neutralize cell damage in the attack of free radicals. Minerals support the performance of the liver and kidneys to detoxify the body work. Omega-3 fatty acids help to work every cell of the body in order to run smoothly. 

5. Change the routine 

Tired of the daily routine? Change the habit of it. Boredom is one of the causes of energy drain. 

6. Give priority 

Create a list of important things than what you want to do. Doing something untoward, will consume energy. 

7. Get enough rest 

Humans programmed by God to move between spending and regenerate energy. This cycle, lasts 90-120 minutes during the time exhaustion. Rest for a few minutes, to recover energy. 

Well, a lot is not enough variety to keep our stamina? No harm in trying, rather than a shortcut that can be bad for health.

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