Saturday, November 1, 2014

Medicinal plants for diabetes

Nopaleses used not only as food but also as a powerful natural remedy for many ailments such stomach, diabetes, colds, high cholesterol, as well as being excellent food for diabetics. 

Nopaleses for diabetes and other diseases 
Nopaleses rich in amino acids and is very nutritious, it also contains fiber, minerals, magnesium, iron, vitamin B and vitamin C, water, protein, carbohydrates, fat, and beta carotene. 

Natural treatment for diabetes 
Native Americans in Mexico may have used plants from since 12,000 years ago, used to treat wounds and stomach ailments, constipation and for the treatment of colds. Modern research shows that nopalesses good for the treatment of diabetes. 

One study showed that the effectiveness of nopales in reducing blood sugar is its ability to bind to the sugars in the intestine. Some researchers theorize that nopaleses can increase the ability of cells to use insulin, which offers health benefits for diabetics and people with high cholesterol 

studies in the 1990s on laboratory animals showed that lower blood sugar after consumption of this cactus extract. 

Another benefit of nopaleses 
Herbal nopaleses medicinal properties make it as a laxative powerful anti-inflammatory, to reduce the symptoms of a hangover. Preliminary research indicates that nopales may be useful in reducing inflammation, treating stomach conditions, reduce blood fat and cholesterol. Further research is being conducted to demonstrate the effectiveness of this nopaleses plants.

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