Monday, October 20, 2014

How to make a green tea mask

We all want to have a face that is always clean and bright and free from blackheads. If you are included in the group of women who are afraid to use a variety of beauty products made ​​from chemicals that many once sold in stores or may be afraid of the risk of harmful content in the beauty cosmetic products, you will not need to worry and confused. Since this time we will present how to create a mask of green tea rich benefits and you can try to make your own mask at home.

how to make a green tea mask 

Need a little disciplined and diligent to use a wide variety of homemade natural masks so the results can be maximized. Similarly, the green tea mask, after then you will know how to make a green tea mask and consult a beauty consultant then be immediately applied. Before you leave for work and before it could be doing other things in the morning, try to take a moment, at least enough to make the 15 minutes and apply a mask of green tea, it is very practical ..

For lovers of green tea and honey, of course, face masks this one definitely will instantly become your favorite pilhan. Why? because the materials used are natural ingredients that must already exist all at home, and not have to worry about the sign of side effects. But what about the possibility of irritation? Also we have to say in front of you, consult to ascertain the type and character of your skin, if declared fit by the expert, then you no longer need to worry about having problems irritation or other skin problems as well. However, try the small size first for security.

How to make a green tea mask and materials

The following materials are needed and how to make a mask of green tea is good for our skin.

Materials to make a mask of green tea: 

1 tiny bag of green tea (or green tea that has been sold on the market) 
honey to taste 
Small bowl to place the material 
How to make a mask of green tea: 

Take green tea bag, and open it, and remove it (green tea) and insert into the bowl that we have prepared.
Put the honey in a bowl and mix well with the way the mix until evenly distributed.
After the green tea and honey blended, mix and apply right away this mask of green tea to our skin.
Let the first for about 15 minutes.
Immediately wash your face with warm water.
So how to make a green tea mask. This mask can also be useful in helping us overcome the problem of skin is very sensitive and reddened if exposed to direct sunlight exposure. It is easy and also practical? once you are ready to try and prove his usefulness?

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