Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Fact of Human Body

The human body is unique. The human body stores a lot of facts and secrets that are rarely revealed. Hence the phrase that says that you have to recognize your own body is the right thing. Because by knowing and understanding your body, then you can apply any health patterns suitable for the human body.
Here is an interesting fact about your body that are required for you to know as reported from various source.

1. Human sneeze can exceed the speed of about 100 mph and could catapult more than 100,000 germs into the air.
2. On average 600,000 human skin particles fall out every hour and can weigh the equivalent of about 1.5 kg in a year.
3. The smell of human feet can happen because there are 500,000 sweat glands in the feet that produce a pint of sweat a day.
4. If unraveled, the length of the human intestine can reach 20 feet or the whole body of a whale.
5. Although the human brain can detect pain, but actually the human brain has no pain receptors.
6. Throughout his age, humans can produce enough saliva to fill two swimming pools.
7. Fingernails grow about 4 times more than toenails.
8. Human stomach acid can dissolve metal quickly. But this can not destroy the human stomach stomach because there is a protective layer of mucus that is strong enough to protect it.
9. Just like fingerprints, every human tongue also has a unique and different patterns.

That's the unique facts stored in the human body. Hopefully the unique facts of this can add to your knowledge about the state of your own body.

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