Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Carefully before kissing

Kissing is one of the usual activities done by everyone as a form of affection and also love or sex. It is undeniable that kissing has many benefits both for health and for harmonious relationships. Unfortunately lips kissing sometimes also be a source of disease transmission, especially to do so when the condition of the body is weak.
As is known, in the mouth, especially in between the teeth, gums and tongue is a live assortment bacteria. Smelly mouth while kissing is No sign of growing bacteria in the mouth. Drg. Ardiansyah in an event of Dental Solution Program Healthy said oral hygiene needs note well, especially when we are actively doing
kiss the lips using a lip and tongue. In addition to oral disease can also be transmitted through bacteria in the nose. When kissing, nose will adjacent to each other so that the particles germs and bacteria are very small with ease
move or inhaled by the couple.
What diseases can arise due to lip kissing?
Immune system was very weak allows bacteria that enter through kissing disturb the metabolic system of the body and cause disease.
When someone kissing hot through the lips and tongue, then bacteria will automatically move with the help of water spit (saliva). The big problem is that there is some types of diseases that can be transmitted through physical contact kiss such as tuberculosis, hepatitis and even HIV.
Here are some types of diseases that can be transmitted through a kiss from mild to severe:

1. Flu
Flu is easy to attack, especially to those who are weak her endurance. Flu is transmitted through physical contact directly with the patient, is transmitted through exchange of fluids such as saliva or mucus from the mouth of nose.
If you kiss with the flu or a cold sufferers virus will migrate into your body. If at that time you're immune system is weak then certainly you will soon be suffering from the flu.

2. Glanduar Fever
The disease is most often triggered when making french kiss. This type of kiss is very favored by many couples where the lips and tongue met each other in the time long enough.
Glandular Fever is often called Mononucleosis transmitted through body fluids such as saliva, mucus and water eyes. In a long kiss and cause exchange of saliva allowing the virus Mononucleosis is growing rapidly. In general, patients with Glandular Fever is a juvenile or students who have a low immune system. The symptoms are sore throat, headache, fever, feeling tired, swollen tonsils and lust eating low.

3. Herpes
Herpes is a disease that causes inflammation of the skin emergence of bubbles of water in the skin patients. Herpes generally appear in the mouth and waist the top. Herpes is caused by a virus. herpes is attacking the mouth is called Herpes Simplex and the emergence of such as canker sores on the lips.

4. Hepatitis B
Hepatitis B can be transmitted through kissing, especially if there are sores inside the mouth that allow the virus into the blood. Better to avoid direct contact or kissing the wet and in the patient hepatitis B.

5. warts
Warts arise because of the thickening of the outer layer of skin excessively. Warts are caused by the HPV virus indeed affects the skin. Warts can be transmitted through direct contact with patients such as by kissing.

6. Meningacocus
The disease is caused by bacteria and can threaten mental patients. Meningacocus include meningitis in brain and spinal cord. bacteria cause This disease can be transferred by direct contact or through saliva droplets patients. Kissing lips are very loved by many young couples, unfortunately, this hot kissing models risk especially if you include people who glad to mutually exchange partner. Lip kiss involving the tongue and mouth, then carried out long enough is a potential cause the fluid exchange of saliva or mucus containing the virus / bacteria. This is the cause of onset of disease. with who you kiss ;)

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