Friday, October 17, 2014

Benefits of Eating Spicy Food for Health

Benefits of Eating Spicy Food for Health may not have everyone know about it. Spicy could be considered as a complement to the taste of food consumed. For some people when consumed staple food then no spicy taste is often considered nothing less. Spicy flavor is also thought to enhance the desire to eat and eat again. But not a few who avoid spicy. It could be because they do not like it or because his stomach is not strong, each eating food too spicy then diarrhea. 

For you fans of spicy food was able to provide health benefits for the body. To note, the spicy flavor of chili caused by capsaicin content. Well, this is content that provides benefits for health. 

The following are some Benefits of Eating Spicy Food for Health are: 

 1. Lose Weight. 
In a study shows spicy foods were able to burn more calories. This is because the hot stuff can improve the metabolic system of the body which occurs in up to 8 percent. Moreover, if people were not too fond of spicy so he will not spend his food as a result of food consumed calories less that enter the body. 

2. Healthy Heart. 
The content of capsaicin is also said to be capable of causing a sensation of heat on the tongue. Well, this is what the heat sensation can lower bad cholesterol in the body. It refers to a study of the American Chemical Society that says the content of capsaicin able menguranngi cholesterol buildup. It is also able to increase blood flow. The content is also able to inhibit the genes that cause narrowing of the arteries in the heart. 

3. Prevent Cancer Exposed. 
Based on data from the American Cancer Society says there is some kind of spicy foods that have properties to ward off cancer. The content of capsaicin that is known to inhibit the growth of cells causes prostate cancer. Spicy foods besides chili containing curcumin active antioxidants such as spicy spices are also said to be able to prevent cancer. 

4. Lower Blood Pressure. 
The content of capsaicin is also said to be able to increase nitric oxide. These compounds can lower blood pressure and protect against inflammation. Cayenne pepper is referred to as a source of spicy foods that can lower blood pressure faster than most other types of chili. 

Hopefully some of the information about the benefits of Eating Spicy Food for Health will make you not hesitate to include spicy foods in the daily diet. Still, do not go overboard to avoid being hit heartburn, diarrhea or other stomach disorders

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