Thursday, October 16, 2014

Avoid Hair Dyes during Pregnancy

Pregnant, of course, would not be a barrier to the fashionable. Especially in today's fashion is no longer pregnant just a sack dress with wide pieces in the human stomach. 

Various models have been adapted for women who are pregnant, so what can you use when pregnant. but not so for business in hair coloring. The use of hair dye is expected to be bad for the fetus conceived, according to the results of the study as reported by Time. 

The study was also conducted in 2005 by sponsored by the National Institutes of Health has been found an association between hair dye use in pregnant women either at the time before or during a period of pregnancy. His research has found no relationship between hair dye use and increased risk of disease fetus neuroblastoma, one of the types of cancer at the age of the children. 

Research still does not know why the paint color is associated with cancer, and the need to quickly learn more. Meanwhile Similarly, temporary color paint will further increase the risk of cancer if you compare temporary staining. This is also due to the temporary coloring, he can be more than 1 time staining, very often it can even be done so that the possibility of accumulating becomes much greater. 

In the journal American Family Physician, this study also suggest to you as soon avoid hair coloring process at the beginning of pregnancy. Although the American Pregnancy Association has stated that hair coloring should not be dangerous because of the amount of skin contact with the mother becomes very small.

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