Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Warning! Do not drink ice after meal.

immediately after a meal and a cold drink is nice and comfortable. Feeling tired and sweat all cured. Cold drinks are always a favorite choice today's society. 

But did you know that drinking a cold drink after a meal could be at risk of the disease for you? Cold drinks make you eat oily food in your stomach harden. As a result, the oil hardens it forms into fat in your body. 

Try just watch the oil dibaluti plastic plates and then washed using cold water, the result of the oils will harden. Whereas when rinsed with warm water, it will very quickly regardless of the plate. This is the same thing happens in your body. 

Intestine to absorb food faster which was fragmented compared to the solid form. As a result, the oil deposits will line the intestine and then turn into fat and then can lead to cancer. 

The best way to prevent this is by changing your diet is familiar with cold drinks. Try dressing drinks after your meal with warm water.

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