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Why Muslims sleep to the right side?

Why Muslims sleep to the right side? 
This is the answer scientifically. 

Apparently a lot of the Sunnah Prophet and Apostle ban scientifically proven, some of which are: 

1.Sleep with the position next to the Leaning Right.

Of al-Barra` bin Azib, the Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam once said, "If you're going to sleep, then get ablution (perfectly) as you ablution for prayer, then lie down on the right side of your body" 

"Lie on your right ribs." (Narrated. Al-Bukhari no. 247 and Muslim no. 2710) 

a. Reducing the burden of heart. 
The position of the right hand of the average sleep allows the body fluids (blood) is uniformly distributed and concentrated on the right (bottom). This will cause a load of blood flow in and out of the lower heart. The impact of this position is to be slower heart rate, blood pressure will also decrease. This condition will help the quality of sleep. 

b. Left brain relaxation. 
The human anatomically brain has two parts, left and right. The left side of the brain is the organ that supplies the right and vice versa. Commonly the Muslim Ummah dont use the left side organs's body as the dominant in many activities such as holding,feeding,giving and others. Sleeping position to the right, so the left side of brain that innervate all organs of activity right side will be out of danger arising from the circulation slows down during sleep / rest. Dangers include deposition of a blood clot, fat, residual acid oxidation, and increased speed atherosclerosis or narrowing of blood vessels. So if someone is at risk for a stroke, the risk is that the right hemisphere, with paralysis on the left (dominant part). 

c. Increasing the emptying of the gallbladder, pancreas. 
The existence of a smooth flow chime will cause bile output also increased, this will prevent the formation of gall bladder stones. Pancreatic lymph output will also increase with sleep position to the right. 

d. Resting the stomach. 
Human stomach is shaped like a comma-shaped tube with the tip of the outlet valve into the intestines facing towards the bottom right. If a left fence to sleep then spending the chime (food that has been digested by the stomach and mixed with stomach acid) will be slightly disturbed, it will slow down the process of gastric emptying. These barriers will ultimately increase the accumulation of acid that will cause erosion of the stomach wall. This position will also cause intestinal alkaline fluid biased back toward the entrance to the erosion of the stomach near the pylorus of the stomach wall. 

e. Stimulate bowel movements.
With sleep on the right, the process of filling the sigmoid colon (before the anus) will be full faster, if it is full it will stimulate bowel movement followed by relaxation of the anal muscles so easy defecation Great. 

f. Improves the absorption of nutrients. 
When the bowel movement sleep increase. By positioning the right, then the way food has been digested and ready at the absorption will be much longer, this is due to the position of the small intestine to the large intestine is below. Long time goodnight allow optimal absorption bias. 

g. Resting the left leg.
In people with the right movement, ergonomically to balance position during activity tend to use the left foot as a loading center. So the left foot is usually more likely to feel sore from the right, apalgi lowest position where the leg venous return tends to be slower. If you sleep on your right, then the left leg vein will discharge faster so feeling sore disappear faster. From the description diatras looks much benefit sleep on his side. Hopefully the description can bring benefits to the people in the practice of one of the sunnah of the prophet. 

I hope this information is helpful to you. 

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