Sunday, August 17, 2014

Why are Muslims not allowed to drink while standing?

Islam strongly regulate aspects of human life, including eating. In Islam there are table manners, such as washing hands before eating, eating with 
right hand, not eating until full and not eating while standing. 

"Conduct of eating in Islam apparently has its own wisdom," said Neurologist from RS PKU Muhammadiyah Bantul Indonesia, Dr.Ana Budi Rahayu, SPS, Wednesday (25/9). When a person eats while standing, he said, there will be a reflux of stomach acid, stomach acid will rise into the esophagus and makes the cells of the esophagus is irritated, because stomach acid is very acidic (pH 1-2.5). It is characterized by symptoms in the suffocating heat burning the chest (heartburn). 

"If we remain stubborn habit to eat and drink while standing in the long term, irritation of the esophagus cells will accumulate to cause cancer of the esophagus tract," he said. 

Even as narrated in HR. Muslims mention the Prophet Muhammad said: "Do not you drink while standing, If you forget, it should spit out". 

Relative to ban the drink, a friend, Qotadah asked, "What about eating". He (Prophet Muhammad), "It's even worse". (Muslim and Turmidzi). 

Because it is a way to prevent reflux of stomach acid is to eat while sitting, said Ana. There are two other things that can also cause stomach acid reflux and heartburn, the glut eat drink and sleep or lie down immediately after eating. 

Ana explains the stomach is able to expand six-fold when filled up completely full. The more food that is accommodated in the stomach, the organs must work hard to spend more and more stomach acid. 

When the stomach is too full, excess stomach acid to flow up into the esophagus. "Similarly, if we sleep or lie down immediately after eating," he explained. The habit of lying or sleeping immediately after eating is just as dangerous as eating and drinking while standing, the irritation of the esophagus that invite cancer cells esofahus in the long run.

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