Sunday, August 17, 2014

Why Muslims are prohibited from peeing standing?

Urinating, Every human activity is to remove the remains of the body's metabolism (the body excreting). In even this activity we are required to do it properly and according to the rules. 

Hadith narrated by Aisha radi 'anha, in which he said, "Who said that the Prophet urinated standing up, do not be justified. He never urinated while standing. "

Of 'A'ishah. said that the Prophet mohammad ( peace be on him ) never urinated while standing since revealed to him the Koran ( muslim holy book ).

Medically pee standing is a major cause of urinary stone disease in all patients with the disease and is one of the causes of impotence disease for some men. 

Generally we have despised the way and defecation, probably because of time considerations or circumstances require (forced) to pee standing without thought ugliness of the Islam Sunnah and health. Indonesian Peoples used to have banned the son pee standing culture that we often hear the saying "Teacher pee standing, pee running student", because there is a negative effect of pee standing. 

The water remains in it is not depleted radiated glands make the muscles and tendons around the penis becomes flaccid soft and loose. In contrast to pee squatting, in a state squat femur in the left and right stretch crush testicles. This facilitates easy flow of urine and make it easier to suppress the depleted base testicles. In this way, the urine will come out until exhausted, even in this way the strength of the muscles around the penis is maintained. 

When the pee pee standing there with discontent, because there was still some water in the bag and eggs scrotum under the penis stem. He is likely to lead to bladder stones. The fact proves that the rocks are in the kidney or art bag and eggs penis is caused by the remnants of urine unending sprawl. Deposition of sediment in order finally crystallized / hardened like a rock. 

If you used to examine residual urine were not cleaned in the bathroom, you can imagine how hard the crust. What if it is on your scrotum ?? It is also one of the disease causing impotence in men apart from the cause of bladder stones.

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