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Temulawak usefull plants

Temulawak (Curcuma xanthorrhiza. Roxb.) is very usefull herbal medicines. Family: Zingiberaceae, this plants has been very helpful in the world of health, either for treatment or to simply support your health to be excellent. 

Has the Latin name Curcuma Curcuma xanthorrhiza which is medicinal plants belonging to the tribe-finding, this plant native to Indonesia, especially from Java island. 

However, siring the changing times where the many benefits of temulawak so that the plant can also be found in other regions such as southeast asia china, india japan and korea.

From the first of temulawak is often used for traditional medicine. Here is the content of temulawak are very useful for the health of your body: 

Substances contained in temulawak Useful For your health 
  • Starch 48.18% - 59.64% - helps metabolize. 
  • Protin 29.00% - 30.00% 
  • Ash 5:26% - 7:07% 
  • Fiber 2:58% - 4.83% - restoring body fitness 
  • 1.60% curcumin - 2:20% - can improve digestion 
  • Essential oils 6:00% - 10,00% - can improve kidney function 
  • Phelandren - help to expedite expenditure of the body of toxins through urine 
  • Camphor 
  • Turmerol - helps metabolize 
  • Borneol - to help restore the health of the body due to disease 
  • Sineal 
  • Xanthorrhizol 

Here are 10 benefits of efficacy of temulawak to help improve your health. 

1. Temulawak is believed to smooth milk by way of 20 grams of temulawak rhizome washed and shredded, grated squeezed and filtered results then boiled until boiling, after cooled, mix with 2 tablespoons honey and then mixed well and drunk in the morning and evening.

2. Temulawak is believed to be an antioxidant that is able to maintain good health and able to cope with the free radicals that attack the body. 

3. Temulawak can lower the blood fat that it contains curcuminoid in the turmeric. And also the curcuminoid fraction can lower triglycerides, total cholesterol, and can increase levels of good cholesterol (HDL). 

4. Temulawak can also stimulate appetite caused by the effects of essential oils that have properties karminativum. 

5. The benefits of temulawak has the ability to maintain healthy liver function due to the ginger contains kalagoga which serves to regulate the production of bile in the liver and stimulates gallbladder emptying. 

6. Temulawak is also believed to cure menstrual pain. 

7. Temulawak has the ability to treat acne. 

8. The benefits of temulawak can help prevent blood clots because of the turmeric contains curcumin, which serves to inhibit the formation of thromboxane B-2 which is a compound that has a function as a blood coagulant. 

9. Temulawak is helpful for reducing inflammation and joint pain, it is due to the content of curcumin as an anti-inflammatory that can decrease pain and arthritis. 

10. Efficacy of temulawak also has the ability to fix digestive function. With the temulawak rhizome powder that is able to increase the activity of the fluid that is in the stomach that can help the process of digestion and metabolism in the small intestine reduces contraction.

By knowing that the magnitude of the efficacy of temulawak to maintain our health. It is unfortunate if we do not make the most of.

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